Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Baby Story

It's been a hectic week here at the Lawyer residence. All three of us are trying to figure out this new life of ours and boy has is just been the most amazing, exhausting, and emotionally draining experience we've ever had. But I thought it would be fun to look back on this last week and share our story. Our looooooong drawn out baby birth story. So here we go. And I know some of the pictures are kinda gross, but they go with the story and I picked the decent looking ones. :)

Monday, November 18
In the morning, we went in for our weekly check up. I was at 40 weeks and 3 days. The ultrasound had shown that Sara was "a pretty big baby." So my doctor came in and suggested that we induce. After struggling with the decision a bit, we decided to go ahead and move forward, so he put us on the list at the hospital and told us to call the following morning to see when we would get in. So we drove home and I started doing some last minute things around the house to prepare for being gone the next day. Soon after... and I mean, like SOON after... the hospital called telling me to come on in at 3:00 to get started. So frazzled... I now only had a hour to get things in order before we left. Then we headed out. After all the paperwork, they started me on this medicine called Cervadil which is suppose to prepare the area. It takes 12 hours for it to be finished. So here we were... just sitting and waiting and trying to sleep.

Tuesday, November 19
The nurse came in 12 hours later to check to see progress and my body had gotten to 2 cm and then a bunch of other mumbo-jumbo that I don't really get. Then the doctor decided to do yet ANOTHER round of this Cervadil... which sucked because it would be another 12 hours of just sitting and waiting. This time around, I had gotten hopeful because they had said we were having contractions (even though I actually couldn't feel much) and that things were looking good. YAY! Ya... no. 12 hours later, that evening, they checked again and the nurse didn't even tell me anything. So I knew right away that absolutely nothing had changed. I was annoying, unmotivating, and heart-breaking. And yes... I cried. So then they started me on a low drip of Pitocin over night.

Wednesday, November 20
Early the next morning, the nurse came in to check how things were going... which honestly, by now I was just down right sick of because it REALLY hurts! :( Low and behold... STILL no progress. They started the Pitocin on a stronger drip. So now I'm upset, Jason was upset and we were just ready to quit and give up. Just GET. HER. OUT! is what we were thinking. We were just down right let down. So, we called my doctor because at this point, we didn't want to hear anyone else's opinion, we wanted his. I have an awesome doctor btw. Instead of calling us back he just came right on over and sat with us to talk it out. He talked lots of sense into us and really calmed us down. After our little pep talk we knew we would be able to get through this wretched long process!!!

FINALLY... after sitting around For-E-ver... my water decided to break on its own! yay! This was about at 2:00 I think. And from there things really got started!! Contractions were stronger and came on more frequently and they HURT! And I was not about to try to be a hero. I'm already going to be pushing this girl out and taking care of her.. so I don't care about feeling the pain! So since my water had broke, they shot me up real quick with an epidural. I fell lucky enough to say it wasn't bad and I had a good experience with it. I was in heaven. I was able to rest and even NAP, it was great. The most ANNOYING thing at this point was everything I had to be hooked up to. It was too much... and annoying.

After a little nap, they came in to check me again at 3:20 and I had already jumped to 5 cm! yay! So I was like... well, may as well go back to sleep! At around 5:50 they had come in to tell me that I was fully dilated and I was going to start "Laboring Down" and it was almost time to push. When they had gotten everything in order and were ready it was about 7:45... time to push! Hardest thing EVER! We sat there pushing and pushing and they kept telling me that we were getting close and I was doing well, but I was getting so tired. Then by the end, it hurt, I was tired, and freaked out because the baby heart beat was moving faster and it was scaring me. Eventually, the doctor said we would have to suction her out or go in for a C-section. I was actually relieved to know that finally I could get some help, so they set up for the suction. after two more pushes, there she was. It was an amazing release of everything. She started crying right away, Jason cut the cord; which I was so proud of him for because he has said he didn't want to see any of it, and they set her ooy-gooy body on my chest. It was amazing. They checked her and everything looked good. She was a whopping 8 pound 5 ounces and 21 1/2 inches long. Bright blonde hair, grey blue eyes, and soft angelic skin. She was perfect.

Thursday and Friday
We had to spend the next TWO days in the hospital and we seemed to have come on a wacko day because all the beds were full on both sides of the delivery and recovery. So it definitely took a while to get things going to go home. We were so done with being at the hospital. It was frustrating being barged in on and being checked again and again, and waking us ALL up. Bleh. So finally at 4:00 on Friday we got to GET OUT! And we drove home... with a BABY!It's hard to believe that we have another person in our midst. sometimes I just look at her and think "I MADE that!!!" It's surreal! We love our little smooshy face girl so much and I cannot wait to see what God has in store for her future.
Like I said, this week has been a whirlwind. But I have to focus on the husband for a second and brag about how amazing he is. So patient and loving and VERY supportive. I could not have put myself through all that if he had not been there to hold me hand, PRAY with me, coach me, and feed me ice chips. He was always so on top of things so that I didn't have to worry one bit. He's an amazing husband and has already shown to be an amazing daddy. :) And I absolutely love that Sara is a nice mix between us both. It shows our love for each other in human form. God is GOOD!