Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wedding. The word starts to sound monotonous.

After picking the place, setting up the wedding party, and deciding on a for sure date... the wedding planning has drastically slowed down. It's exciting to know we're getting married in 59 days, but planning a wedding is A LOT more complicated than we expected. People asking me about flowers, and napkins, decorations, drinks, food, rentals... I just want the wedding to be planned on it's own!! We really just want our wedding to be simple, and FUN! We want the day to be beautiful for God, and to be a testimony to our friends and family of how it looks when Christ loves His church. So when I think of that, it makes me feel less anxious about planning the wedding.

We registered at Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond, and THAT'S overwhelming because we have nothing! Well... we have a little, but not enough to make a household on. It was also really fun to pick out items for our new house together! :) In November we're applying for Base housing! We'll get to live for FREE and it'll be close to both our work places!

Right now, I'm designing the invitations! It's the part that makes me most happy! I love being able to use my graphic designing skills for something now in life! Those should be sent out by next week! Or at least that's what everyone seems to expect of me.

Another thing we have check off the list is our honeymoon plans! We will be taking a cruise to Cabo San Lucas right after Christmas until New Years Eve. YAY! Then, Jason gets free tickets to Disneyland, so we're shooting for doing that right when we come back from the cruise! We're both very excited for a vacation!

In personal news, Jason is getting over a sickness, and Melissa is trying to stay away from getting sick! We're going through Pre-Marital counseling together with Pastor Tim from our church, and that has been incredibly eye opening! We're both very happy that he's telling us how it is, and not floofing it up and giving us an unreal idea of what to expect.

Pray for us: We're still making some big decisions for our upcoming life together with work and other situations.