Monday, January 7, 2013

Twas the Season!

This Christmas was a little bit different for us. It was our first Christmas at our home by ourselves and it was the first Christmas I have ever been away from my family at Christmas. Even though we missed both of our families, our Christmas day was peaceful and fun. We opened presents in the morning, enjoyed our day, took a trip to the beach, and then cooked a yummy pot roast dinner in which we enjoyed in our PJs. Along with Christmas, we had a very busy time visiting with a load of family and friends.

First up was my good friend from High School, Whitnie. She was passing through town with her family and it was awesome to be able to show her my own house and the area here. 
 The Friday Christmas break started, my three BFFs made the long trip up to our house. We had so much fun together on the beach, sight seeing, and we even created our own wine tasting! Having them here definitely made me miss home. 
Then came my parents! Bringing more presents with them of course. :) We did a lot of sight seeing on the coast, up North and down South. This picture was at a Mission we took them too.
My parents bought us a ride on the Condor Express to go Whale Watching. It was a very fun experience to share with them as well as Jason's parents too. We saw a pod of 6 whales and some seals. But the best part was enjoying our parents all together. I think we got pretty lucky to have two sets of parents really like each other! :)
Jason's parents were our next guests! We tried to take them places we hadn't been yet. We had to take them places we had just been days earlier because they were just that cool, but we found some cool things to show them that were our first time seeing too. The coolest new thing we did was go Olive Oil Tasting! Who knew that would be so much fun!?
Our final guests to stop by were Megan and Nathan who were road tripping down the 101. Even though it was a short visit, it was nice to see our friends from Vegas. As you can see... we always take our guests to the beach! It's just that awesome having a beach all to ourselves!
Jason is back to work this week. I still have another week off! It's a little unbelievable! I spent the day doing nothing really today... but I hope to use my time more wisely the rest of the week. It's hard to believe it's already 2013. Who knows what the year will bring us this year? But we're looking forward to the short time we have with our new close friends here, as well as the bible study we'll be starting up soon. Then there's always the rest of the year with the 6th graders, TWO weddings coming up, our very exciting Spring Break trip to San Francisco, and who knows... hopefully a little bun in the oven soon! Lord willing.