Saturday, June 13, 2015

Jordyn's Birth Story

I'm sure the world of comparing my children has only just begun... But it's hard not to compare their birth strories seeing as they were both completely different!!! Just a recap... With Sara I was induced and it began on Monday afternoon and Sara wasn't born until Wednesday night. Three hours of pushing and it still ended brutally!! And then we didn't even get to leave until Friday night!

Jordyn has made quite the entrance into our lives... Starting with the news of her exaistance. Hehe so here's kind of a time line of events because it's all really insane and still hard to believe. 

June 5-due date. Absolutely nothing happening. 

The following Monday and Thursday I went in for a baby stress test only to confirm what I pretty much guessed. She was healthy and just too happy there in my belly. So I spent the week at home and had taken the week off from school... Even though I went back to visit several times and then Friday morning came. 

June 12
7:00 am 
I started feeling some cramping while  I was laying in bed but I didn't think much of it because my back has been already hurting and I figured I just had to empty my bladder. After a while I realized they were coming repeatedly. Not too strong and they were over quick, plus it was like every 10-12 minutes. So I didn't really tell anyone and just went about the morning taking care of Sara and kinda cleaning up the house just in case. 

9:00 am 
I ended up telling Jason I thought I was having contractions, but they weren't really impressive... And he ended up going into work. I went grocery shopping and the contractions started to get a little longer but not as frequent.

11:00 am 
Lunch time. Jason came home for lunch and the contractions were coming every 7-9 minutes but only lasting about 30 seconds. So I told him he should be fine to go to work and maybe just to come home a little earlier just to be here. We were also waiting on my dad to fly in from New Mexico and wanted to get him a base pass before everything happened. 

I was going to the restroom and all of the sudden my water broke. But it threw me off because it wasn't much. So I wasn't sure. I texted Jason "you should probably come home. I think my water broke a little?" 

No word from Jason.... And my dad arrived at VAFB. 

Jason finally calls me back, of course for the fifteen minutes I actually needed him he had his phone at his desk and was away. Haha

While I was waiting for Dad and Jason, I was leaning against the wall during a contraction and this lady comes up to me and asked if I was okay. I just said, "oh I'm just in labor... I'm okay. We just really needed to get my dad on base before going to the hospital." We get dad a pass and head out for the hospital 25 minutes away. On the car ride the contractions were getting to be five minutes apart and lasting about 45-55 seconds. So I figured we were doing fine on time! 

We arrived at the hospital. They took us to the examination room where they would monitor me until the room was ready. After I had changed the contractions were definitely getting stronger and faster. 

The nurse checked me and I was at 6cm and in a lot of pain so I said... Sure lets get the epidural!! I'm a wimp! 

I don't know the exact time in between here. But two contractions later... Two brutally painful contractions later... The nurse was back in our check in room (mind you, we had not even "checked in" yet....) and when she checked again I was at 9cm! 

One contraction after that I said to myself... This hurts way too bad and i need to push! So I did. And I screamed a lot... That part sucks because it's like I had no control over what came out of mouth! Remember... I am still not even in a delivery room yet! 

All of the sudden there were 6 nurses and a doctor in this tiny check in room and the doctor checked to see what was going on and all I remember hearing was "ya the baby is RiGHT there" Next contraction comes and I'm pushing, screaming, and holding on to the nurses scrubs beside me as well as Jason. Then they kept telling me to stop fighting them. I don't really know what I was doing it just hurt too much. I think I was just not cooperating with my legs. 

I had about thirty seconds to pull myself together. The nurse I was yanking on said to me: "listen... Look at me! You are in control here, you're going to push this baby out, listen to the doctor."

Last contraction... Pushing, screaming, and then it was over. Just like a tornado, it came, it went crazy... Then it was over! It's also such a weird feeling pushing a baby out. I don't know how to explain but since I didn't even get an epidural because it all happened too fast... I felt everything! It's just so crazy!

What was nice about this whole situation was: 
1: I got to keep Jordyn on my chest for like 20 minutes since there was no room for me and no one took her from me until we finally got in one! 
2: There wasn't even any time for me to get hooked up to all the crap I was with Sara! No IV, no stupid blood pressure thing, no needles... It was just me! 
3: I didn't have to wait!! It was just done... Like magic! And then we moved on! 

So I followed the directions of my doctor. I waited until I was having 1 minute contractions that were 5 minutes apart! I just cannot believe how fast it all went. We checked in at 1:50 and maybe ten contractions later she was here at 2:30! The fact that she was a week late didn't even matter to me because it was the quickest I'd ever thought I it to be. And I didn't even think to go in earlier because the contractions weren't even that strong while I was at home. I'm super happy I had it "easier" the second time around. I was not looking forward to all of this. But now we're resting and waiting to be discharged here at the hospital. Jordyn is such a precious little girl. It has been so incredible to do this all over again. I'm so happy to be holding her now!

Here she is: Jordyn Elizabeth Lawyer
Born on June 12, 2015 at 2:30 pm
Weighing 8 lbs 2 oz and stretching to 20 inches long!