Sunday, March 22, 2015

16 Months old Sara

A couple days ago, Sara turned 16 months! It's funny that ever since she turned 1-year-old, I kinda just lost track of how many months she is... But it dawned on me the other day that she was 16 months old! Crazy! So here are 16 "Sara Stats" for you:

1. Sara is a little princess... just like her name states! I guess we chose the perfect name for that girl. She hates being messy, she is careful, she likes to clean up and organize, and she is such a clean eater. It makes me laugh. She's so clean that she didn't even want to finger paint the other day!! 
2. She loves her stuffed animals. All of them. If we would let her, she would have them ALL in her crib while she slept. I think she'll be the kid who is attached to an animal... not a blankie. She seems to really be drawn to her Mickey/Minney Mouse and her dodge ram the most.
3. She loves to dance. There's a commercial that comes on here that she especially loves, along with the Hot Dog song from Mickey, and lately she loves Frozen! 
4. Her most favorite thing in the world are BOOKS! I even caught myself saying today "Sara, go find a toy to play with... no not books hon... lets go find an actual toy!" haha Eric Carl and Dr. Seuss are among her favorite.
5. She's started throwing tantrums in the past several weeks when we won't let her have what she was wanting. Most of the time it's when we're outside and have to go in. The other day it was because we had to leave the furniture store and she was having too much fun there. Oh good grief. 
6. Vegetables are still her favorite. The other day she had to have eaten half of the zucchini I steamed. She also really likes Mac and Cheese and lately has been loving pretzels. 
7. Sara loves brushing her teeth and washing her hands. Weird child. 
8. Lately, she also like Cars. She actually sat and watched for a good 30-40 minutes!! 
9. Now that she's walking,.. she wants to walk everywhere and throws a fit at times when we have to hold her. We're trying to teach her that she can't walk in the parking lot or streets! But it's pointless... 
10. She's been saying lots of words. It's also amazing how much she understands. Today I said... "Sara, go check on the chicken!" and she walked into the kitchen and started looking into oven! Some of her clearest words are: milk, book (go figure), shoes, and today she totally repeated "potato" it was awesome. 
11. She likes to use her spoon and fork during meals and she likes to drink out of a cup, like a normal person. I would say she's successful about 60% of the time.
12. We just got her a sandbox and she has so much fun playing in it! It's taken her a while to actually SIT in the sand... but baby steps. Of all the toys in the sandbox we got her... she likes using the sea shell we found on the beach the best! 
13. Sara can make LOTS of animal noises for you! She's even starting to point out the correct animal when you ask. It's pretty cute. Our favorite is the pig! But I think Sara's favorite animal right now is a bear... or an owl.
14. Mama likes to show off her belly to Sara because she will poke my belly button and likes to give her sister hugs and kisses. It's the most precious thing ever. I'm trying to get her to say "Jordyn".. but she does say "baybay"
15. She's growing like a weed. Wearing mostly 24m clothes because they're more comfortable with her little pot belly. She's just started wearing size 5 diapers. And I have her in size 5 shoes... FINALLY her feet are growing, but really she should be wearing size 4.
16. Sara is SUCH a cuddle bug! I love it! She'll just cuddle up with us on the couch or on the floor and play with her toys (sometimes it happens) or books. The only time she's not cuddly is when she needs to sleep. She will not sleep in our arms or in bed with us. She wants to be all alone. So I will take whatever cuddles she will offer up while I get them. 
In 2ish short months, Sara will be a big sister and who knows how things will change. I'm anxious to see how it changes HER and our relationship. I'm curious to see how she react to having a baby around all the time. It'll be fun. Hard... but fun!