Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Two Year Old Jordyn

How fun our little Jordyn is 2! I still remember her birth like it was yesterday. She's been so much fun to watch grow. It was fun, obviously, to watch Sara too, but Jordyn does different things than Sara so that's what has kept us on our toes.
Here's some Jordyn Stats:
  • Height: 35 inches.
  • Weight: 22 pounds
  • Clothes: 2T but the pants are getting too short... 3T pants are too big on the waist. Skinny toddler problems. 
  • Still in diapers. Though we talk about going on the potty ALL the time. I may take a stab at training while my mom is here to help.
  • Teeth: She has all but her 2-year-old molars on the top!
  • Shoe Size: 5-6
Person in the whole world: Mommy
Color: Blue
TV Show: Umi Zoomie or Mickey
Outfit: Probably any shirt with a character on it. She loves her Buzz Lightyear jacket (hand-me-down). But what she really loves is putting on underwear and shoes.
Sport: Racing. She loves running laps around the house. She also loves her little bike. 
Song: Anything on the Moana soundtrack
Cereal: Oatmeal
Friend: Sara
Book: Leslie Patricelli write books with this little baby. We have like 5 of them and she can "read" them all. We read them every day! ha
Food: She asks for "Square Cheese" and smoothies daily. But loves chicken drumsticks, carrots, and strawberries best.
Movie: Right now she'd pick Cars, Big Hero 6 or Toy Story
Phrases: "Moooommmmaaaa" "No troll left behind" (haha) "Mine" she also likes to thank Sara. "Thank you Sara" it's pretty cute. She says a ton... but nothing is sticking out that she says ALL the time.
Stuffed Animal: Her Doggy and her little Kitty to which she calls them Woof Woof and Meow
Things to do: She loves playing with her Little People toys, toy cars, water table, parks, crafts, anything basically anything Sara is doing.

Some Firsts
She had her first haircut when we moved up here. I cut it myself! Wowzza! But it turned out pretty decent. 
She's been in a toddler bed for a while now. She sucks at staying in bed... it's a daily struggle, but we're getting there. 
I've got nothing else.... I can't think of anything else too significant to be a first. 
Sharing toys or having them stolen from Sara
Staying in bed
Listening to directions
Being away from Mommy (she IS getting a little better though)
Hailey (haha)
 June 12, 2017

We didn't throw a big party for Jordyn this year. Just wasn't happening. But I did try to make the day really fun for her.

It started off with some fun decorations. I couldn't put balloons in her room because it would have been too annoying for Mommy, so I threw some streamers and balloons up and she was so excited to see it all! I actually didn't think she'd care too much, but it was fun to see her so happy.
We had to rush off to her 2 year old check up... I know, what a fun way to start off your birthday. She threw a fit near the end because she didn't want to lay down on the doctor table. Good grief. Poor girl is still only in the 5th percentile for her weight. 80th for height though!
We played at the park! She finally decided that slides are in fact fun and that she'll start going down them by herself!
When Daddy was home for lunch we opened lots of fun presents! The pirate ship was her favorite.
After naps, the girls helped make cupcakes and after dinner we scarffed them down and enjoyed a family movie night with a movie picked by the birthday girl!
I think it was all around a pretty fun day for her. :)