Sunday, September 30, 2012


It's been two months. We are really loving our new house and have finished settling in. The area around base is pretty amazing. But of everything.... we have been way to overjoyed to see all the wildlife! We've seen bats, squirrels, deer, raccoons, coyotes, crabs, hummingbirds, regular birds, moles, gofers, and seals and otters up the shore! It's been fun.
The weather is nice. Lots of fog at night and in the morning. That part has been awesome. The consistency of the temperature is kind of annoying because it's just the same every day....... we haven't had rain, no storms, no wind, just the same every day. I know... you're probably thinking, "why are you complaining?" But whatever.

So, let's see... we've been doing loads of exploring around the area. We have gotten to know Lompoc and Santa Maria pretty well. We are not huge fans of the "mom and pop" restaurants, we miss our chain restaurants. But, we have spent a lot of time cooking again which is nice. We've been to some Farmer's Markets, where we have discovered delicious amazing fruit that is so much better than the fruit at the store! We visited Santa Barbara, Pismo Beach, and we went up to Monterey the other weekend. There's an aquarium up there that was pretty neat to see. And this past Saturday we met my dad at a winery near Paso Robles. We went on a tour and learned so much about how the wine is made. It as cool.
There was a rocket that they sent up from our base the other day. Maybe a couple weeks ago actually. When we had first moved up here, we waited up til 1:30 in the morning because they said they were going to launch it... but it never went off. The next time it was scheduled, it actually did go off. It was neat! And loud! 
 We also lost one of our little babies this last month too. Poor little Boo died on a Tuesday. She had been struggling for a couple days, we think she had an ongoing lung or heart condition. Poor little girl. We cuddled with her every chance we got in her last days and it was really sad to see her go. We buried her near the beach.
 Then we also got to see the shuttle Endeavor fly by base. It was during school and the whole school got to go out and check it out!
Our jobs are keeping us busy. We've been able to make some "work" friends. Jason's job is a little slower here than it was in Vegas, but he's enjoying working with some of the people there. My job is... well, a little terrible this year. I'm just not into teaching this year. Some days I do get excited to see all the good I'm doing, but I don't know if it's the grade, or the school, it's just not making me excited this year. I guess there's a lot going on in life right now, and something had to give, so maybe it's just what had to give. It's a take it day by day kinda job right now. 

 We've been visiting a lot of churches and finally went back to one for a second time finally. We were happy with our decision today. People who came up to us had recognized our faces, even though we hadn't been since a month before. We're going to keep going there for a while and get involved to see if we really fit there. 

All in all, we miss Vegas a lot of the times, but we're slowly making this place our new home.