Tuesday, October 11, 2011

One Month, Six to go.

 Jason's hard at work in Kuwait. They're working nights right now, and he and his coworkers are pouring concrete and all that jazz. He's doing well over there. He says he misses warm water the most. He really has little to nothing over there. Just what he needs! So I'm sure he'll be so grateful for what we have here in the States when he comes home. Below are a couple pictures that he has sent me. Luckily, we have great technology to communicate with each other. Thank God for that. So here's the pictures he has sent me.
This is the runway he's working on.
His cat friend. He sees him a lot. I've gotten about 4 pictures of him.
His work... at night.
Ummm... I can't remember what this was. But it's on his base. ;)
Dinner! In Arabic.
The sleeping tents.
The new room! He misses his normal room more.
 Jason and I are doing alright apart. Of course we would love to be together, but I know that this is going to strengthen our relationship together, and I know that it has been strengthening our relationship with Christ too. I know on my end, it's been eye opening, to see how much I really lean on Jason instead of God for what I need. God's really re-opened my eyes through all this. Even through my frustration, sadness, stress, and anger, I know that He won't give me more than I can handle. Which makes me think that He must think I'm pretty strong! I've been doing a bible study with my church. We're studying Acts, and tonight I was reading about the conversion of Paul in chapter 9. It made me think about my own conversion and transformation and the countless times that he has brought me back to Him. It also makes me excited to know that He saved me for His ultimate plan, and that he will use me in my weakness for His glory! It's kind of an amazing thing when you think of it that way. :) So I was just excited to share those thoughts.

Other than bible study, I'm hard at work with my 4th grade boys. School has gotten less stressful, and I'm excited to go to work again. We're starting tutoring, so that'll keep me really busy. Still doing youth group, teaching Sunday school with Tobi, and working with the Women's council at Spring Meadows! So I think these next 6 months will go by pretty fast. Thank you for your prayers and thoughts. I'll keep posting updates and pictures from the other side of the world as I get them!