Pregnancy - Hailey

How far along: 40 Weeks 
Sleep: Awful. Limbs falling asleep, waking up from husbands and children and jets and neighbors.... I'm over it.
Best moment this week: I'm sitting here trying to think of something good to make the end seem less sucky. I guess maybe my doctor's appointment, there is a little bit of progress... not much, but I remember with Sara just being at zero and zero and nothing happening at all. So I guess just a glimmer of SOME small progress was a good thing.
Miss anything: I miss a lot of things. I miss walking and turning without bumping into things. I miss not getting super frustrated with dropping things. I miss not being so emotional. I miss my energy. I miss washing my feet... I just miss a lot.
Movement: Very much. She's also just very low and the movement feels different than the other two times because she's so low. It's very bizarre.
Food cravings: Chocolate
Anything make you queasy or sick: I don't know what caused it, but I have had a couple days of just straight nausea. It's been awful. It makes life even MORE difficult. 
Difficulties or changes: Honestly... I figured she'd be late just like her sisters, but being pregnant this time around has been a really giant challenge. I know I complain ALL the time, but there's just something about this that keeps dragging on and things that keep happening that make it the worst pregnancy ever! I need to be done. Sometimes I just think "God knows I am struggling... so he'll let her come out sooner rather than later!" Ha.... nope. He's obviously just testing me to see how much I can actually handle. 
Symptoms: Lots of braxton hicks, no real contractions, just tired and feeling heavy.
Happy or moody: Very moody. Just a moody, giant, grumpy pregnant lady....
Looking Forward to: Eating some things I'm not allowed to right now! Yum! Also... I'm looking forward to never writing about my pregnancies again. I stopped at 40 weeks with both of the other girls, so I guess I'll just do the same here too because I'll be too depressed that I'm still pregnant. So I hope you've enjoyed all my rants! 
How far along: 39 Weeks 
Sleep: Poopy
Best moment this week: Listening to Sara talk about how the baby gets food. "First, you put the food in your mouth and then it goes down (as she points and drags her finger down to my tummy) and goes in your belly. Then Baby Chiefy GRABS it with her hand and puts it in her mouth!" hahaha
Miss anything: Sleeping on my back!
Movement: All. The. Time.
Food cravings: Peanut butter and Honey Sand which!
Anything make you queasy or sick: Not much
Difficulties or changes: Just being this pregnant is difficult. End of story.
Symptoms: How much time do you have?
Happy or moody: Tired. Too tired to be happy or moody.
Looking Forward to: Not having babies in my belly!
How far along: 38 Weeks 
Sleep: I wake up very achy every morning. Not to mention Jordyn barges into the room half the time. haha We just put up super blackout blinds on the window to block out this crazy sun! 
Best moment this week: Seeing the baby on the ultrasound. The doctor checked to see if she was head down, which she was! yay! 
Miss anything: Not being so heavy.
Movement: Sometimes I feel like she moves around way more than the other two ever did. Like at church, we were sitting there and she was just jiggling around the WHOLE time!
Food cravings: BREAD
Anything make you queasy or sick: Donuts! I hate them anyway, but they were making them on an episode of The Great British Bakeoff and I couldn't watch... gross gross gross! 
Difficulties or changes: I'm going to say my mindset this week has been a challenge. While at the doctor, they had the heart beat at 190 or more when it should be around 160ish. The doctor was worried and sent me down to have a twenty minute heart monitor test thing. Everything was fine, she must have just been excited and pumped up I guess, but I was sitting in a Labor and Delivery room which made my mind start going to that place of having the baby. It's scary to think about and I really haven't thought much about it till this week. I don't want to do it!!! AHHHH but I DO because I want her out! It's just a wee bit scary to think about. 
Symptoms: I get these quick pains way down low and sometimes I don't know if it's like a 5 second contraction or if it's just her moving around. It gets me every time. And I'm super puffy.... so sad. 
Happy or moody: I've been in a better mood lately, I think just because I know I'm an awful pregnant lady so I try really hard to be pleasant these days
Looking Forward to: Finishing up the baby room! I'm almost done and it's coming along very nicely. Since we aren't buying her much, it's nice to spend a little time and effort on her room. Really, it's all mostly for my own enjoyment I guess. ha
How far along: 37 Weeks 
Sleep: Go figure, we've had yet another sickness run through our house this week! So good sleep doesn't exist. 
Best moment this week: I guess just cuddling with the family would be my highlight. Oh, and maybe finally figuring out the direction of the baby room. Now to get that done. 
Miss anything: Everything
Movement: Yes
Food cravings: I am ashamed.... Little Debbie's Zebra Cakes. Or maybe just cake in general. It's awful. 
Anything make you queasy or sick: Nothing too extreme this week. 
Difficulties or changes: I think just waking up and thinking to myself, "One day closer to the due date.... but that's just one more day I have to be pregnant and bigger and more uncomfortable" I know I complain a lot... Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to have a baby growing in my belly, and I will be ecstatic when she finally comes... I just don't like the process. 
Symptoms: The jabs and quick pains are lots stronger. 
Happy or moody: Bleh
Looking Forward to: The next doctor's appointment to see how she's doing in there. 
How far along: 36 Weeks 
Sleep: Snow and ice have started melting this week which means it's falling off our roof.... And it's LOUD! The sun hits the back side of the house from 7-10pm which means most of it falls off when we're trying to sleep. So it's just annoying. 
Best moment this week: Mommy is here! YAY! It's great having the girls play with their Nina and this mommy gets to have a little extra help which is fantastic! 
Miss anything: Being me. 
Movement: Still tons
Food cravings: Sadly I confess... this week it has been McDonalds...
Anything make you queasy or sick: The thought of cooking meals in the crock-pot. ew
Difficulties or changes: Just more aches and pains to deal with. Extra sharp jabs and quick cramps that are just surprising and hurt. 
Symptoms: I don't think I've mentioned all the Braxton Hicks I've had. It's been a couple months actually with them. 
Happy or moody: meh
Looking Forward to: May 11.... hopefully sooner maybe?? Just maybe!!!
How far along: 35 Weeks 
Sleep: Not too bad. Or just not as bad as it has been. If only I could get my big pregnant butt out of bed before the girls in the morning. It's just so hard being an exhausted pregnant person. 
Best moment this week: Getting maternity pictures done! The girls were NOT happy... and they didn't like being in the snow, but I know the photographer must have gotten some good ones! So excited! 
Miss anything: Beer. Really... just NOT being pregnant. I know I've said it before, but I'm very much done with this. 
Movement: Yes
Food cravings: Carrots and ranch! Yum
Anything make you queasy or sick: Nothing lately. 
Difficulties or changes: It's just difficult being pregnant. And when you've known since week 4 it just drags on forever! Jason says last night "Man! Only a month and a half left!" In my head... I'm thinking, NOOOOO another whole month and a half of torture! Then I said "You will only refer to how much longer we have in weeks. We have 6 weeks left...." It sounds somewhat shorter that way. 
Symptoms: Lots of fun ones... 
Happy or moody: Shall I say... moody? 
Looking Forward to: Getting the baby room started so I can finish it!
How far along: 34 Weeks 
Sleep: Well... we got our bed back this week! So I have been MUCH more comfortable! hooray!!
Best moment this week: Getting our household goods! It's been so nice to start getting the house together and to just feel somewhat normal up here. 
Miss anything: Being close to people I know! 
Movement: Still going strong. Now if only she would get a move on OUT. ha
Food cravings: Honestly, nothing as of lately. Nothing sounds good.  
Anything make you queasy or sick: The nasty cigarette smokey smell from the garage. BLEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Difficulties or changes: Difficulties would be just emotions and feeling sad. There's just been so many changes and the pregnancy emotions seem to make it ten times worse. No bueno. 
Symptoms: I don't think I've mentioned my sore, fat, swollen fingers. It's awful. 
Happy or moody: Happy and moody. It's just awful being pregnant. 
Looking Forward to: My mommy coming to visit in a couple weeks! YAY!
How far along: 33 Weeks 
Sleep: What do you think? 
Best moment this week: Getting our new house on base! Finally we're getting sort of settled! Now just to get our household goods. 
Miss anything: Sleep
Movement: She tends to kick and jab mostly on my right side. At night she jabs my ribs. Uncomfortable. 
Food cravings: This week I'd say Cocoa Puffs. Sadly, Sara has caught on too... 
Anything make you queasy or sick: Not eating 
Difficulties or changes: My feelings on the name have changed. And that makes life difficult. With the other two I just knew as soon as we decided, and I never thought about changing the name. Now, I just have no idea what this little girl's name is going to end up being. Poor third child. 
Symptoms: Everything and Anything. You name it. 
Happy or moody: Happy and moody. It's just awful being pregnant. 
Looking Forward to: My first doctor's appointment on base next week! It'll just be nice to get settled in at the new hospital
How far along: 32 Weeks 
Sleep: Usually I'll wake up about three times. It's annoying. 
Best moment this week: Cuddling with my girls
Miss anything: This week feta cheese again. Weird 
Movement: Lots. Yes. 
Food cravings: Just more and more peanut butter. Buckets of it. Peanut butter sandwich, peanut butter toast, peanut butter M & Ms, peanut butter cookies, Reese's. It's just so much peanut butter! 
Anything make you queasy or sick: Too much sugar. 
Difficulties or changes: Snow. Snow is just difficult. It's been a big change to get use to.
Symptoms: I just feel so heavy and I walk so slowwww now a days. Poor me. 
Happy or moody: Moody
Looking Forward to: My normal routine. Right now I just feel like I'm on this weird vacation, but it's not a super fun one. 
How far along: 31 Weeks 
Sleep: Sara's coughing has gotten better, and the girls are in separate rooms so they're sleeping better and therefore, Mommy is sleeping somewhat better too! We're in a king size bed again too, which makes up for the week of stupid full size beds. 
Best moment this week: Starting this new crazy adventure! AND probably getting our new minivan! I can wait to cram another kid in there! 
Miss anything: My household goods!  
Movement: I think she's just so excited to be in Alaska too because she just moves all over the place!  
Food cravings: Still mostly just peanut butter! Lots and lots of it.  
Anything make you queasy or sick: Nothing this week has been too horrible. 
Difficulties or changes: Putting boots on... I hate it. I miss my flip flops! It's seriously such a struggle putting them on! 
Symptoms: Random pains. 
Happy or moody: We go up and down. It's more emotional rather than being moody. 
Looking Forward to: Getting a house! I cannot wait to be settled again! It'll probably be a few more weeks until we get into a house though. 
How far along: 30 Weeks 
Sleep: Let's not even talk about how crappy that situation is...
Best moment this week: I guess just the fact that we've made it to the end of our road here at Vandenberg. It was super fun being able to see one last launch here! And our last day is a beautiful sunny and 60 degrees! So this is the last picture you'll probably see me in flip flops. Maybe even the last one outside. ha 
Miss anything: My schedule. And so do the girl. Poor things. 
Movement: She's a crazy girl! 
Food cravings: I feel like there wasn't anything significant that I wanted this week. 
Anything make you queasy or sick: Maybe just eating too much pizza this week. And just not eating our normal food. 
Difficulties or changes: I've overdone myself this week with the move, so my belly has been tight and crampy. I had to take a whole day just to sit and relax! I do feel better now. 
Symptoms: Backaches! Too much going on!
Happy or moody: Moody.... back off! What's it to you anyway? 
Looking Forward to: Getting to ALASKA!!!!
How far along: 29 Weeks 
Sleep: Hit or miss. It's hard to shut your brain off when you're getting ready to move! 
Best moment this week: I went to the doctors office all alone this time. It was nice to listen to the baby with no distractions. Even if just for a moment.  
Miss anything: My laptop. Haha not pregnancy related at all. But I really miss it. It's hard updating my blog on my phone. 
Movement: It's to the point where my belly jiggles because she's moving a lot. 
Food cravings: Milk! Yumm Really cold milk. And even better... chocolate milk! 
Anything make you queasy or sick: Jason was spraying so DW-40 while getting ready to pack up and I thought I was going to die. I couldn't breath. It was awful. Jason simply said "wow, it didn't even phase me...."
Difficulties or changes: My ring has been pretty tight lately. I have three parts to it and I can only wear one. With Jordyn, my ring never got uncomfortable and with Sara I think I stopped wearing it at 5 months. 
Symptoms: Exhaustion, leg pains
Happy or moody: Moody. probably with all the moving coming up. 
Looking Forward to: Relaxing after our stuff is completely packed and gone! 
How far along: 28 Weeks 
Sleep: Do people actually sleep? Must be nice. 
Best moment this week: Jordyn gave my belly a big hug and said "hi baby!!!" My heart melted! 
Miss anything: At times... rational thinking
Movement: Still going strong! 
Food cravings: Girl Scout cookies. They will be the death of me. 
Anything make you queasy or sick: I came out of a building down here with the girls this week and there must have been some street Mexican food being cooked or something. It was this immediate "bleeeeh" feeling. 
Difficulties or changes: Getting through the night without having tovpee. :(
Symptoms: Lots of heartburn. I don't know if I've ever mentioned that. And just my muscles feel achy a lot in my legs. No fun. 
Happy or moody: Moody. But maybe just more emotional I would say. Too many emotions playing through my head making my moody. 
Looking Forward to: Moving day next week!
How far along: 27 Weeks 
Sleep: A little better. Sara got an inhaler which has been helping with the nighttime cough. But overall, sleeping is still uncomfortable. :(

Best moment this week: Sitting alone in the silents feeling baby Chiefy move around.
Miss anything: Drinking a little alcohol here and there. I'm not normally a drinker, but sometimes it sounds yummy and then I'm sad. Oh well.
Movement: Lots. This time around I've been trying to guess what it is I feel moving.
Food cravings: Girl Scout cookies.

Anything make you queasy or sick: My glucose test drink. Bleh. Luckily it wasn't nasty orange. I was dreading the whole experience... but I only had to do the hour long one and I swear I had to do the three hour one the last two times. But that drink on an empty stomach is just awful.
Difficulties or changes: This has been a while I guess, but I haven't talked about it. Holding the girls. Lifting Sara up specifically. Like if she wants to see something or I have to wash her hands in a bigger sink. She's getting heavy. And holding Jordyn for long periods of time. Really I only last like 2 minutes then I have to say nope!
Symptoms: This week it's been my back.
Happy or moody: Moody... definitely
Looking Forward to: Announcing the name. I don't know when that will be though. This time around I feel indifferent about telling everyone. ha. So you may have to wait until she's here. 
How far along: 26 Weeks 
Sleep: Nope. Sara STILL has a horrible night cough. And I feel so bad for her, but also it just sucks for us too because we also don't sleep. :(  
Best moment this week: Sara likes to give the baby check ups with her doctor's kit. It's so sweet.
Miss anything: Not being pregnant.
Movement: The other day Sara felt a giant kick and it think it freaked her out. haha
Food cravings: M&Ms! Yummmm
Anything make you queasy or sick: Nothing too different that I can think of this week.
Difficulties or changes: Just difficulty walking after our trip to Disneyland. I had to buy a belly band for our trip, I should have added that last week. It helps a lot, but then doesn't help when my bladder gets full. Yikes.
Symptoms: Nothing new that I haven't mentioned already.
Happy or moody: Probably more moody...
Looking Forward to: Moving! We're hoping that Sara's cough is just allergy related and now we just want to get the heck out of here already! 
How far along: 25 Weeks 
Sleep: Crappy
Best moment this week: Taking the girls to Disneyland one last time! :) It's so special to see how excited they get. Even if was a rough one for Mommy.
Miss anything: Walking normal and at a normal pace
Movement: Lots of jabbing and turning.
Food cravings: Same as last week. Too much Del Taco and peanut butter. Not at the same time though.
Anything make you queasy or sick: Sadly, there's a place at Disneyland that has the best kabobs... however, every time I think about them I want to vomit. So sad.
Difficulties or changes: Just really sore from all the walking at Disneyland.
Symptoms: Just so tired and sore.
Happy or moody: I try really hard to just stay happy and "savor" being pregnant... if that's even possible.
Looking Forward to: Sleeping again someday.
How far along: 24 Weeks 
Sleep: I give up. Although, this pregnancy pillow is definitely helping!
Best moment this week: Taking the girls with me to the doctor's office. They go pretty much every time, unless they're doing something more than checking in with me. So now, Sara knows exactly what's going to happen next and likes to tell me. She loves hearing the heartbeat! So sweet.
Miss anything: I just miss getting up off the floor without looking like a ridiculous weirdo.
Movement: She loves moving the most when I lay down on my back for a couple moments.
Food cravings: Del Taco tacos. For sure. I'll be sad when I can't have those in a little over a month.
Anything make you queasy or sick: CORN! *vomiting as I type this* Oh my gosh, I cannot cook it, smell it, or watch my family eat it. GROSS.
Difficulties or changes: Nothing that sticks out to me recently.
Symptoms: Back aches this week.
Happy or moody: I feel like I've been pretty happy this week.
Looking Forward to: Deciding 100% on the name. I'm pretty sure we know what it'll be... but I guess I just need a couple more weeks to firmly confirm it.
How far along: 23 Weeks 
Sleep: Poop. Jason surprised me with a pregnancy pillow though! I'm excited to try that out! I was always talking about getting one early on, but they're just expensive... and her was talking to a co-worker who has a pregnant wife too. He had just gotten one for his wife and was raving about how awesome it was. So ya, he's a sweet heart.
Best moment this week: Sara feeling the baby move! She was so excited to feel her little sister! And to see her face light up and her big smile. Awe man... SO precious!
Miss anything: My family and friends this week. I always hate that they miss things. It's weird to think they haven't been around me as a pregnant person much. So sad.
Movement: It's turned into jabs. Not just flutters. I can start seeing her limbs push on my belly too. It surprises me a lot of the times.
Food cravings: Still peanutbutter. And this week, a lot of milk!
Anything make you queasy or sick: Nothing in particular, but I have just been feeling nausea the last couple weeks. Nothing ever sounds yummy, so it's probably because I don't eat as much as I should.
Difficulties or changes: Well it was obviously difficult this week for me to find time to write my blog. So sorry week 22! We had a busy week in the house with my LuLaRoe job and play dates and whatnot. And I've just been exhausted. Oh well. I missed a week with the other girls too.
Symptoms: I think I've started having Braxton Hicks already. It seems early, but really I think I just never payed attention or realized it with the other two. ha
Happy or moody: Up and down. I've been happier just because we've been getting plans ready for our move, so it's just nice to have plans in motion. And I guess plans make me happy. haha 
Looking Forward to: Disneyland! It's not for a couple weeks, but so exciting! It stinks a bit because I can't ride anything awesome, but it's always so much fun going with the girls!


How far along: 21 Weeks 
Sleep: Horrible. A couple nights I've woken up in the middle of the night and then I can't fall back asleep! I'll be up for like 2 hours! It's just AWFUL! 
Best moment this week: Celebrating Christmas with my little family!
Miss anything: I guess I kinda miss a good glass of wine. It hit me I won't get to do anymore yummy wine tastings while we live here. :( Poo.
Movement: Jason actually got to feel her this week! Yay! Also, one night I was laying there and put my hand on my belly and she automatically jabbed me! It was super creepy.... yet amazing all at once! ha 
Food cravings: This week has been all about peanuts! Peanut butter, peanuts, and peanut butter cookies! 
Anything make you queasy or sick: Jason made chicken teriyaki the other night and I hid upstairs to get away from the smell. Ew! It was not good at all! 
Difficulties or changes: I guess none this week! 
Symptoms: I just keep getting sick so easy! I have yet ANOTHER cold...
Happy or moody: Jason admitted to me this week that he wouldn't want me to be pregnant again because I "turn into a whole different person". :( 
Looking Forward to: I'm looking forward to Sara feeling the baby move. Right now she refuses to touch my belly when I ask her if she wants to feel Baby Chiefy. But hopefully when she gets rocking and rolling she'll be brave and feel her!
How far along: 20 Weeks
Sleep: Surprisingly, I've had a couple nights this week that were fabulous! That is when I'm not being woken up by crying kids, bad dreams, and barking dogs.
Best moment this week: Having everyone in the family back to good health! It was a rough one!
Miss anything: I miss playing with the girls. Jordyn likes to climb all over us, and obviously, I can't do that right now. So I miss that.
Movement: Hopefully, Sara and Daddy will feel her moving around this week! I'm going to make them focus!
Food cravings: Reese!
Anything make you queasy or sick: Just things that I had when I was sick. Thinking about them make me bleeeeh.
Difficulties or changes: Not many this week. I guess just maybe when I get up too fast if I've been lying in the same position for a while, I need a little time for my body to adjust!
Symptoms: Back aches this week!
Happy or moody: Moody. Always moody.... but a little happy too because it was our anniversary this week! :) 
Looking Forward to: Our 20 week ultrasound this week! I love seeing the baby girl!
How far along: 19 Weeks
Sleep: Well... the sick bug hit our house again, so sleep has been very bad.
Best moment this week: Getting back home from our travels. It's wonderful being with family and friends, but now that we have kids... it's nice to be back with all their stuff and in their routine.
Miss anything: My family and friends. ;(
Movement: Lots of movement! It's to the point where I can feel it with my hand on the outside, however... Jason can't quite feel it yet. Maybe next week.
Food cravings: Hibachi! ALL. THE. TIME! This baby has got expensive taste. Obviously we don't give into my cravings very often at all though.
Anything make you queasy or sick: Well, since we had a stomach bug go through the house, this week there's been a lot that makes me queasy. bleh
Difficulties or changes: Putting my socks on. It's not horrible yet, but it's to the point where I have to get a little crafty.
Symptoms: Bad stomach problems.
Happy or moody: Moody. Always moody.
Looking Forward to: Christmas!!!

How far along: 18 Weeks
Sleep: Since we've been traveling, sleep has not been on my side sadly. The time change has messed the girls up and we're just trying to get through it. haha
Best moment this week: Telling people it's a girl!! We're so excited to complete our family with another little girl. And no Jason is no disappointed, and no we will not be trying for a boy...
Miss anything: Being normal.
Movement: Still just little things here and there when I'm resting. :)
Food cravings: Healthy food. I feel like a couple days I haven't eaten very well because of traveling and it makes me feel awful. So I think my body just really wants healthier food!
Anything make you queasy or sick: Too much fried and heavier foods have made me feel really bad.
Difficulties or changes: Having Jordyn or Sara cuddle on my lap. It's so sad that it's getting uncomfortable now!  
Symptoms: Cramping. Not in a bad way, but if I sit one way for a while, I will get up and it's like my stomach has a knot in it or something. Also, my legs "go to sleep" a lot! I don't remember that happening with the other two!
Happy or moody: Traveling makes me a little more restless than normal. The time change makes me moody, but my awesome girls make me happy because they really are decent travelers!
Looking Forward to: A good night's sleep!  

How far along: 17 Weeks
Sleep: Horrible. My nasty cold turned into a long ordeal and just made me so stuffy and then there was all the coughing to go with it.
Best moment this week: Seeing the little baby on the ultrasound and finding out the gender! To be announced later. :) This one is already so long, says the ultrasound lady, and he/she was curled up in a little ball and already loves cuddling with Mommy. It was so much fun to share this moment with my parents and to see Sara and Jordyn get excited to see the baby too!
Miss anything: Being able to bend however I want! haha That sounds weird, but I'm at the point where I can't reach over and pick something up off the floor as easy. If that makes sense. My body finally knows there's something in my belly blocking my flexibly.
Movement: Yes! Mostly only when I'm resting. But it's so much fun to feel!
Food cravings: Nothing too strong this week.
Anything make you queasy or sick: Too many things just turn me off to eating. Thinking of food sometimes just makes me want to gag. bleh!
Difficulties or changes: Is it weird that I feel like I've gotten this sensitivity to light recently?
Symptoms: Weird dreams for sure! And horrible forgetfulness. If I don't write it down, it won't happen. It's even so bad that I'll be telling Jason something and Sara or Jordyn will interrupt, and by the time I tell them not to do that I have absolutely no idea what I was even talking about!
Happy or moody: Both. I love being with my family and I loved having Thanksgiving celebrations! But being sick and down right exhausted made me moody.
Looking Forward to: Our upcoming travels to Las Vegas and then to Ohio to visit family! It's always a joy to watch the girls play with their cousins!

How far along: 16 Weeks
Maternity clothes: Yes. I'm going to get rid of this question next week. It's obvious that I will be wearing maternity clothes from here on out... then by the end I'll be figuring out how to stay warm in Alaska. 
Sleep: I wish I had a maternity pillow. That sounds like it would simplify sleeping... But alas, I got through two pregnancies without one, so I'll just use my 500 pillows for this one too.
Best moment this week: Sara's birthday. I know that's not about the baby. But there really hasn't been much that's changed.
Miss anything: Being able to play normal with the girls. It's getting harder getting up and down off the floor. :(
Movement: Still just random bursts.
Food cravings: This week, ice tea! Yumm! With lots of ice!
Anything make you queasy or sick: Changing Jordyn's diaper! Bleh!
Difficulties or changes: I guess just realizing that I can't do everything on my own. I had a LuLaRoe pop-up and loading and uploading the car was just a killer. It definitely made me see that I should cool it and make other people carry things.
Symptoms: Just exhausting and soreness because of over-doing it. Bad mommy...
Happy or moody: Half and half. I really just don't understand why people love being pregnant. It just makes me way too emotional and I hate it.
Looking Forward to: Finding out if it's a boy or a girl! And seeing my little baby again! We'll find out later this week! YAY!

How far along: 15 Weeks
Maternity clothes: I found some maternity jeans that are actually long enough and fit nice!! So that was a highlight this week!
Sleep: I've been sick this week. So my nose is all stuffy and it kept me up. Not a good week for sleep. :(
Best moment this week: Probably just cuddles with the family. It was a pretty rough week.
Miss anything:This week I miss my stuffed steak. It has fetted cheese in it and it's delicious. So sad.
Movement:Still just random flutters here and there.
Food cravings: Nutty Bars, thanks to Jason... And beef. And cold water is refreshing!
Anything make you queasy or sick: Jason started making bacon the other day and that was disgusting.
Difficulties or changes: It's getting too tiring lifting and carrying the girls. I'm always out of breath. 
Symptoms: Lack of sleep. Emotional.
Happy or moody:Still moody especially since I've been sick.
Looking Forward to: I'm still really excited about finding out the gender soon!!!

How far along: 14 Weeks
Maternity clothes: I do wear maternity things. Lucky for me, this time around I have LulaRoe on my side to help me feel comfortable! :) 
Sleep: It's not very good. Especially right now because of the time change. Jordyn has not adapted as quickly as they have in the past.  
Best moment this week: This isn't from this week, but from the start of the pregnancy. I LOVE when Sara wants to give Baby Chief a hug and kiss. She is always randomly asking me about the baby and coming up and snuggling with the baby. It melts my heart. 
Miss anything: My energy. I miss having energy.   
Movement: I do feel things here and there. It's really the only thing I look forward to in pregnancies... Well, and obvisouly the "not being pregnant" part. haha 
Food cravings: Fruity candy is a big one. Skittles and Sour Patch Kids. I get random cravings here and there, but I feel like there's not one BIG thing like cheese or milk like with the others. 
Anything make you queasy or sick: A lot of things. In all honesty, I just don't like food right now. It's hard to meal plan, because nothing sounds good. It's been rough. I especially do NOT like chicken and vegetables. So weird. 
Difficulties or changes: I think it's just been hard keeping up with the other two with my low energy level. I feel like I don't do as much with them as I did before and that makes me sad. 
Symptoms: The big two right now are exhaustion and nausea.
Happy or moody: I've been REALLY emotional. Maybe because of what's coming up in our lives or something, but it's been hard on me as well. Just being sad and snappy I guess. 
Looking Forward to: Knowing the gender!!! For real. I hate waiting so much! haha


  1. Gosh I so love my Lawyer family!! You look amazing Melissa. Thanks for sharing your journey!
    Auntie Jo

  2. You continue to look wonderful!! Sending love, hugs and kisses to all of you.
    Love, Auntie Jo

  3. You look great!!!! Praying she comes soooooooooon. Wish you were here. :-)