Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Birthdays, Vacations, and Celebrations

We've been busy, busy, busy here this past month and a half. Where to start? Well, our birthdays are very close together, mine being April 29th. We went to Carraba's, yuummm

Jason bought me pretty flowers for my birthday! :)

Instead of doing big presents for each other, we decided to just do a big date night together. So we went to the top of the Stratosphere for a fancy dinner and then off to the Lion King down on the Strip. It was a fun night out for us!
Then we got a new addition to our family. Stephanee and Kyle got us little Jetty, the guinea pig! :) She's adorable!!! We named her after a smoothie that Jason and I really enjoy! Jason and I loved her so much, we got another little girl....
This is Buffalo... but we call her Buffy. She was named after Buffalo Wild Wings, because she looks like a buffalo wing with a dollop of ranch on her head. hehe
They love each other!And they love they're daddy! This is their crazy cage we built them! We also took a weekend trip to San Diego. We got free tickets from the Air Force to go to Sea World! It was a lot of fun! Lots of sun, and LOTS of people... but it was still really nice being on adventures with the husband!
Oh Killer Whales! They're crazy!
I love this one.
Then we went to the Padre's game! I think we've started a trend for ourselves. We're on a 'Lets go see how many baseball fields we can visit' kick! It's a good kick to have, I say.

Here's Jason on his birthday. My family knows him well already! :) Other than that we've both been working hard and living life. Next year, my job is safe. I'll be looping with my 4th grade boys up to 5th grade. We're also all changing to 9 month school next year. Jason also got news that he did not make it into the Officer Training School this time around. This year, it's really hard to get in, they're only taking like 15% of the applicants. We're ok with it though, and really to see what else God has in store for us. For now it looks like we'll be in Vegas for the next 2 years.

We've both been busy working with the Youth Group, Jason's been helping me out tremendously by teaching the kidos about science v. creation. They enjoy it. Jason is away on TDY right for 10 days, it sucks pretty bad, especially since I'm sick today. :( Only the piggies to take care of me!

We also got to celebrate with my side of the family Todd and Monica's wedding! It was a rainy morning and then when the wedding started, a rainbow came out! We all thought it was pretty perfect!
I thought this picture was pretty awesome! Go me!
My mommy's beautiful cake. I'm so proud of her!