Tuesday, December 28, 2010


So much can happen in 4 months. A lot HAS happened in 4 months. We added a new addition to the family. Boux Boux Lawyer. (Pronounced Boo). She was a surprise one night when I went out looking for a pumpkin to carve with my class... I ended up going into PetSmart and ended up bringing her home. :) She and Jetty and Buffy get along really well! Although, Boux is MUCH smaller than the other two right now! She's precious!
In other news, we moved out of our old 60's style home on base and into a brand spanken new house also on base. More of those pictures to come when we get the house all set up.

Recently, we also had a loss in our family. October, 10 Jason's mother called to tell me that Jason's sister's husband, Ryan Overfield had passed away. The reason is still being investigated. The funeral was very nice, it really reflected on the type of person Ryan was and overall it was very glorifying to God. I know the funeral, as well as Ryan's life, had a HUGE impact on mine and Jason's life. I know that many more lives were touched by Ryan's awesome story. One thing that Jason's father said in his eulogy was that you can't know Ryan unless you know his father Jesus Christ. He was really a man of God, he walked with God and lived his life for Christ, it was truly amazing. Over 1,000 people passed through the viewing, and the precession to the grave sight had about 30 cars in ONE line. Jama is a strong woman, she's also a testament to us all.

December 19th we celebrated our anniversary. We had a very fun weekend. I cooked a delicious shrimp pasta! It was amazing! I put on my wedding dress and we ate our yummy dinner by candles with soda pop in our wine glasses. It was fun. Then we changed and got ready to go to Le Reve on the Strip which was also really amazing.
Then next day, which was our real anniversary, we went on a picnic... but it was really cold and windy... luckily we had a blanket to cuddle under. It was a cool place Jason found for us, I'd never heard of it. It was fun, and we fed some geese and were attacked by them... Then later on we broke out the cake! We took 1 bite each and then tossed it! haha

Let's not forget about Evelyn Rose turning one!!!! She's so precious and we're so happy to have her around!!!