Tuesday, December 28, 2010


So much can happen in 4 months. A lot HAS happened in 4 months. We added a new addition to the family. Boux Boux Lawyer. (Pronounced Boo). She was a surprise one night when I went out looking for a pumpkin to carve with my class... I ended up going into PetSmart and ended up bringing her home. :) She and Jetty and Buffy get along really well! Although, Boux is MUCH smaller than the other two right now! She's precious!
In other news, we moved out of our old 60's style home on base and into a brand spanken new house also on base. More of those pictures to come when we get the house all set up.

Recently, we also had a loss in our family. October, 10 Jason's mother called to tell me that Jason's sister's husband, Ryan Overfield had passed away. The reason is still being investigated. The funeral was very nice, it really reflected on the type of person Ryan was and overall it was very glorifying to God. I know the funeral, as well as Ryan's life, had a HUGE impact on mine and Jason's life. I know that many more lives were touched by Ryan's awesome story. One thing that Jason's father said in his eulogy was that you can't know Ryan unless you know his father Jesus Christ. He was really a man of God, he walked with God and lived his life for Christ, it was truly amazing. Over 1,000 people passed through the viewing, and the precession to the grave sight had about 30 cars in ONE line. Jama is a strong woman, she's also a testament to us all.

December 19th we celebrated our anniversary. We had a very fun weekend. I cooked a delicious shrimp pasta! It was amazing! I put on my wedding dress and we ate our yummy dinner by candles with soda pop in our wine glasses. It was fun. Then we changed and got ready to go to Le Reve on the Strip which was also really amazing.
Then next day, which was our real anniversary, we went on a picnic... but it was really cold and windy... luckily we had a blanket to cuddle under. It was a cool place Jason found for us, I'd never heard of it. It was fun, and we fed some geese and were attacked by them... Then later on we broke out the cake! We took 1 bite each and then tossed it! haha

Let's not forget about Evelyn Rose turning one!!!! She's so precious and we're so happy to have her around!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

This is enough.

Jesus Cast a Look on Me

Jesus cast a look on me,
Give me sweet simplicity
Make me poor and keep me low,
Seeking only Thee to know

All that feeds my busy pride,
Cast it evermore aside
Bid my will to Thine submit,
Lay me humbly at Thy feet

Make me like a little child,
Of my strength and wisdom spoiled
Seeing only in Thy light,
Walking only in Thy might

Leaning on Thy loving breast,
Where a weary soul can rest
Feeling well the peace of God,
Flowing from His precious blood

In this posture let me live,
And hosannas daily give
In this temper let me die,
And hosannas ever cry!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Just a Filler

This will probably mostly be about me and my thoughts for tonight. Things have been dying down a bit for the short time being. My last day of school was July 8th. We had a good last month of school. It was awesome because the World Cup was going on, so my class did a big World Cup project. This is our bulletin board with the bracket and some activities we did. I gave each student a different team that the researched stats on and they also researched facts about their country. My favorite part was listening to them cheer for the team they were given instead of just Mexico. They all still thought Mexico was their favorite team, but they would get so happy when they're country won their game too. It was a really good experience for them.
The next day I left for the summer camp I go to every year. This was my 6th year as a counselor, 10th year all together. I guess for the past couple years it's been just a go through the motions kind of thing, but this year really hit home for me. I began to really see my sin and how it has been eating away at me and affecting everyone around me. On the flip side, I began to really understand a little more about God, his grace, and my relationship with him. Most importantly, I really felt the importance of prayer and how powerful it is. It's really hard for me coming back from camp and trying to talk about it, so I think I'll just stop with that. I think it's just an overload of emotions and information that it's hard to express to people who weren't there. All I know, is that God really pointed some things out to me that week and I've seen the hope for change in my life and I am really positive and hopeful that it will stick around. And I had a really AMAZING group of girls this year, so God was very good in bringing that for us group of girls. :)
From there I went back to my teaching job for this tutoring program I had signed up to do. Luckily it's only from 8 to 12 and I have 9 of my boys. We have a lot of fun together, the curriculum is teaching them about Greece and all that comes with that. They get really in to it. It's so fantastic only working with NINE kids! We can do SO much!
I was able to babysit little Evelyn the other day. She's just so darn cute I had to post a picture of her! This one is a new personal favorite with Dobby sitting as he does in the background. hehe She's just a little angel! Our little piggies are doing well! Same old same old with them. Eat... poop... sleep... run around... poop some more, and then eat again! We love our little girls! In other news, mostly with Jason and I, we did children's church at church on Sunday this month. We only had one little girl, and luckily she liked playing with Legos! Jason and I had way too much fun with them as well... we ended up building a castle. I was pretty impressed with our skills.
Then we took the Youth Group to a 51s base ball game right before the 4th of July. It was actually a pretty good game this go around! I bought a new telephoto lenses so it was really fun to try it out! Here's one of the better ones that I was able to capture. We're waiting for that call to come to tell us we're moving houses here on base. We're outgrowing our house! Our extra room has turned into a storage closet. I love our house, probably because it's our first one together, but we're both really to move. They said it'd be August... but still no call, sooooo I guess we'll see. Jason has been doing his Honor Guard the past couple weeks, tomorrow is his last day and he's very happy to get back to his engineering job.
Keep us in your prayers as we continue our first year of marriage. It can be very tough at times, but it can also be so fun and amazing all the rest of the times. I guess just prayers for us to be able to communicate to each other better would be what I'm asking for. We hope all is well with everyone out there!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Birthdays, Vacations, and Celebrations

We've been busy, busy, busy here this past month and a half. Where to start? Well, our birthdays are very close together, mine being April 29th. We went to Carraba's, yuummm

Jason bought me pretty flowers for my birthday! :)

Instead of doing big presents for each other, we decided to just do a big date night together. So we went to the top of the Stratosphere for a fancy dinner and then off to the Lion King down on the Strip. It was a fun night out for us!
Then we got a new addition to our family. Stephanee and Kyle got us little Jetty, the guinea pig! :) She's adorable!!! We named her after a smoothie that Jason and I really enjoy! Jason and I loved her so much, we got another little girl....
This is Buffalo... but we call her Buffy. She was named after Buffalo Wild Wings, because she looks like a buffalo wing with a dollop of ranch on her head. hehe
They love each other!And they love they're daddy! This is their crazy cage we built them! We also took a weekend trip to San Diego. We got free tickets from the Air Force to go to Sea World! It was a lot of fun! Lots of sun, and LOTS of people... but it was still really nice being on adventures with the husband!
Oh Killer Whales! They're crazy!
I love this one.
Then we went to the Padre's game! I think we've started a trend for ourselves. We're on a 'Lets go see how many baseball fields we can visit' kick! It's a good kick to have, I say.

Here's Jason on his birthday. My family knows him well already! :) Other than that we've both been working hard and living life. Next year, my job is safe. I'll be looping with my 4th grade boys up to 5th grade. We're also all changing to 9 month school next year. Jason also got news that he did not make it into the Officer Training School this time around. This year, it's really hard to get in, they're only taking like 15% of the applicants. We're ok with it though, and really to see what else God has in store for us. For now it looks like we'll be in Vegas for the next 2 years.

We've both been busy working with the Youth Group, Jason's been helping me out tremendously by teaching the kidos about science v. creation. They enjoy it. Jason is away on TDY right for 10 days, it sucks pretty bad, especially since I'm sick today. :( Only the piggies to take care of me!

We also got to celebrate with my side of the family Todd and Monica's wedding! It was a rainy morning and then when the wedding started, a rainbow came out! We all thought it was pretty perfect!
I thought this picture was pretty awesome! Go me!
My mommy's beautiful cake. I'm so proud of her!

Monday, April 12, 2010


I just bought a new camera. So naturally, I've taken my first pictures of our nieces! :) Since they're so cute. We've had a weird couple weeks. Jason and I went to Ohio for Spring Break and a reception. It was great spending time with his side of the family. Near the end Jason got really sick. :( It lasted about a week. Poor guy. I've been incredibly busy with school. 34 boys really stress me out sometimes!!! Anyway, here's some precious pictures! Our family is very blessed!

First up is Kaylee! She's Jama's (Jason's sister) oldest. She actually shares the same birthday as Jason. She's just the smartest little almost 4 year old I've seen!

Then there's Julianne. She's Jama's youngest. She just turned one in January. She's a cutie, and has so much character already! It's so amazing to me! Then there's our little miracle Evelyn. Kevin and Mitchi's baby! She'll be 4 months at the end of the month. She's starting to sit up by herself and her teeth are coming it! She's beautiful!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Swaab Street

We've really enjoyed having our own house to invite people to! One: Because it makes me want to clean the house. Two: Because it makes me want to cook. And three: Because we enjoy the company of our fellow friends and family! So here's a look into some of the people we've had over, and some of the things Jason and I have tried to cook!

First, it starts off with our first visitors, Kyle and Stephanee! We are using our wedding guest book as our house guest book as well. So every time people come over, they have to sign the guest book as well. Then Tobi came over, and we cooked chicken soft tacos together! It turned out yummy! We made our own chips too, Jason was amazed with how we did that ourselves!

Then mama and papa Thomas came over and we cooked them Salmon! It turned
out delicious! I didn't realize how easy salmon is to cook! On a cold, rainy Saturday, I thought I'd try making potato soup with a sour dough bread bowl! It was... A-mazing! It turns out, I might actually be a good cook! We've also had people over for food and fun!

The Lum's came over, I cooked ginger-fried pork, and then we played Aggravation, which is a game Jason and his family taught me. My dad knew what it was, so he made us a board for our Christmas present! The Lum's hadn't played before, so they had fun with it. Now, when we play this, Jason... ALWAYS wins. It's frustrating. But THIS time, after we played three times, I finally won! So it was great. Then we made them Special K, which was a hit... but I have yet to take a picture of it, the recipe came from Jason's mother. :)

We also finally bought a grill! So Jason jumped on that the other day and made steak with peppers, and shrimp. It was tasty. I'm excited to try out some yummy recipes with the grill. Tonight, we're off to Ohio with my parents. We're having an Ohio wedding reception there for this family that wasn't able to go. We're staying a whole week! It should be very fun!