Sunday, January 10, 2010

3 Weeks In

The wedding was a success! It was just as beautiful and fun as we imagined. Jason and I both felt like we had our whole church family and close friends with it and us were very comforting. There were so many people that volunteered to help us out too; it was just amazing to us both! So for all of you who came out early to set up, we think you’re just smashing and can’t thank you enough!!! The wedding pictures will be up and running soon.

Jason and I spent the few past week packing, moving, running errands, spending time with our families, and somewhere in there, we managed to sleep! It was a pretty crazy week, but we have about half the boxes unpacked in our house, enough to function with at least. The first thing we did was put our new bed set together! The rest of the house has been coming together pretty nicely. More photos on that when we get it all done!

The day after Christmas, we finally were able to leave for our cruise! With a late start… and worries we wouldn’t make it in time, Jason was the man and we did in fact make the boat. My cousin Josh gave me one major piece of advice and that was to not plan anything for the honeymoon because all you’ll want to do is sleep. Well, at the time, we just laughed, but our first night on the boat we decided to take a nap before dinner. So we lay down around 5:45 and then… we ended up sleeping through the whole night and woke up the next morning at 8:00! Haha

Other than that the cruise was great! We ate… A LOT, mostly me actually, and it was just relaxing resting on the outside of the boat on the ocean. To some people, we may seem boring, but we’re a simple couple who really does just enjoy curling up in a chair and reading. Jason also taught me how to play chess!! It was a huge hands on board that we could walk on, it made me feel like we were playing Wizard’s Chess! When we got to Cabo, it rained ALL day! It was actually pretty enjoyable considering I love rain and we don’t get much, and the next day was full of sun. The ocean was beautiful and we had a good time dodging Mexican vendors and hanging out in Cabo. The venture back to San Diego was a lot more rocky than the way to Cabo. I was glad to get off the boat and back on to dry land. From there we spontaneously stopped at the San Diego Zoo. Jason got it for free and got me in for a discount!

Now we're back at home, back at work, trying to get things organized in life so maybe it'll start slowing down... or at least let us catch up? More on life when we get things figured out! For now... keep us in your prayers! ^_^