Friday, December 28, 2012

5 months!

It's a little hard to believe that we've been on our own here on the Central Coast for 5 months! Despite our rocky start, things are starting to be better. Both of us have really started enjoying our jobs a little bit more. I know that I have begun to really just change my mind set about the new place and have started making more of an effort to involve myself and become part of the Manzanita Family. I'm one of the Student Council advisors, and teaching these 6th graders has become more fun as of lately too. Although, despite our liking our jobs more, we are so happy to be on Christmas break!

We've also been getting ourselves involved at our Base Chapel. It's not the perfect place we would like to be, but we seemed to have connected with people there better than other places. The Lord also answered our prayers and we found a really awesome couple, Amy and Hayden, that we've been able to really connect with. In February, we're starting up a bible study at our house for couples in the church. Jason volunteered to lead a study on the miracles of Jesus at our house. We're both really excited to get involved in this way. God has really provided for us in the ways we really needed. :) 

Overall, we seem a lot more content and happy with everything going on in our lives. It's not easy, but it's definitely not as hard and emotionally draining as it was a couple months ago. 
Amy, Hayden, and us at the Santa Barbara Christmas light festival.
Christmas Card Picture
Buffy, Jetty, Moo Moo
My co-teacher and I dressed up for our 6th grade Egyptian Museum. 
Over Thanksgiving break we were able to hangout with my family and take some recent family photos. They make me happy. 

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. They mean a lot.