Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Weekend

 This weekend was definitely FULL of emotions. I made it through the week with enough energy, but then this weekend just seemed exhausting. To start off the weekend, Saturday marked a year since our first little baby passed away. I don't mean to dwell on it, but the memories definitely still fresh in my mind. It also made me focus on our growing, and kicking, baby that I'm responsible for right now. I get excited about meeting her every day, but also every day I have to leave my worries and anxieties at the cross. And although I miss my other little baby, whoever it may have been, the time is now! And God gives and God takes away and we just have to trust him.
To remember "Pickle"
Also on Saturday, it was kind of cool because on the anniversary of loosing our other little one, we were able to capture the moment with our little Sara. There's a walnut grove down in Lompoc that we drive by, and every time we do I always say "That place would be the perfect spot for pictures." So I found an awesome photographer and we set it up. Here is a little teaser of what she did. I'm SO excited about them. She's also going to do some newborn ones when the baby gets here. :)
by: Folk Photography
 Saturday morning, we were able to be entertained by the Space Squadron as they sent up another rocket. Jason and I have seen several launches so far, but none from the very beginning. The day was fog less and sunny, so we traveled down to a good spot to view it from. It just made me smile how many people were around us watching the launch. It just showed a strong sense of community and support. It was cool. So here we all are, spoiled, standing next to the crashing waves of the beach, on a sunny morning, and watching science happen before our eyes. It was pretty awesome.
Starting Friday, we had noticed Buffy, our middle "child", wasn't doing so well. Her breathing had gotten labored and she just wasn't her happy self. So I was doing everything I could think of to keep her going. She was a stubborn little girl. I could tell that she didn't want to give up on life. But she most likely got a respiratory infection and when little piggies get sick, there's just not much you can do to stop it.  It was just so sad to watch her Friday night, Saturday all day and night, and Sunday morning. She just looked SO sad and in pain. I was cuddling with her pretty much any time I was home, because at least she would know I love her. I honestly didn't think she would make it through the night on Saturday, but come Sunday morning, there she was. So I took her out and held her until we left the house. I kissed her little head goodbye and when we came home, she had passed. It's hard not being able to help her and to just watch it happen. I know she's JUST a pig... but she was MY pig! My little cuddle bug. She was the friendly one who would just be so sweet to anyone and anything in her path. And seeing my little precious Buffy lay there motionless, a breathless creature, is just so sad to see. So I just write this to remember her little life and I will miss our piggy Buffalo Wing Lawyer.
The three little pigs, taken last week.
My favorite picture of her. Guardian of the PigLoo
How could you not love that face?
Cuddling with Buffy Saturday night.
So clearly, it's been a busy, and emotional weekend. Therefore... I wish I could take the day off tomorrow. But, we'll plow through it and do the best we can!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A few things here and there.

 There's been a few things I've been working on this month. And a few fun things too. First off.. LOOK at all these diapers! Jason's diaper party was very successful! Not only did we get a lot of them, but he and his coworkers had a really fun time.
 School has been going well. We had three baby chicks come to visit and they were SO cute! The mom who brought them really wanted to take a picture of them on my big belly. I love my class and how much they care about me. I was gone a day and they thought the day was just horrible! I don't know what they'll do when I'm gone even LONGER. But they also like to take advantage of how much I can get off track AND how much I love telling stories. It's been a good start to the year.
 I decided I wanted to put together a "daycare bag" for the baby when she comes, so after lots of contemplating and talking it over with me madre... I finally came up with this! Jason likes it because it's not too girly and he won't look like a goober carrying it. Point for me! I'm pretty happy with my selection and how it all came out!
 Our friends, Kelly and Matt, just had their baby boy and introduced us to the interactive story stuffed animals. So we went and got one too! But OF COURSE... it must match the baby room color scheme, so I can "Abigail" a make over and a pink and orange outfit. ^_^ She's much more adorable now if I don't say so myself.
 Then the last project I completed is my favorite. Since there are just SO many little girls on my side of the family, a project that had originally just been for Jasmine's two girls... turned into being outfits for ALL five little girls. Hopefully one day soon we'll get a picture with all 5 in them, but I think they turned out pretty cute!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Betty and Piper

 Jason had his truck before we met, and I know he has more memories in it then I do, but last week we sold her (for a great price I should add) and bought a new car to accommodate for the new addition to our family. We were really excited about getting a new car, but we (mostly Jason), couldn't make up our mind on which car to sale. One day a couple weeks ago we got another letter from GMC telling us they wanted to buy our truck and we decided just to see how much we could get. And the rest is history.

But once we turned in the keys and took one last sweep of Betty the Truck, it hit me what we were giving away. Jason picked me up in that truck for our first date. We sat in it talking for hours that night. We drove up to Red Rock in that truck and Jason proposed to me and I said, "YES". My brother's decorated that truck in glow sticks and we drove off into the night after our wedding. We've been to so many places with that truck and have so many fun memories in Vegas and now in California. But we said goodbye.

 And now we have Piper our new Pilot! After a lot of thought and research, this is the car that we decided on! It's awesome. It doesn't look too big from the outside, but when you look inside it seems very roomy! And even though I stupidly left the light on inside one of the first nights we had it (because I was so excited about programing phone numbers into the car), and it died the next day... we still LOVE it! So come and visit us, because we can fit both you AND our little Sara inside very comfy! ^_^

The head rests remind us of Star Wars Droids! haha

Monday, September 2, 2013

Good Bye August!

School has begun again and boy is it exhausting! I have a fabulous group of 5th graders and a fantastic co-worker to go with it. So the start of the year has been great. Today, we had our Labor Day day off which I must say was great because I have needed an extra day to recuperate. I'm hoping to make it to November without having to stop working so that I can save up my days off for after Sara comes, just in case she needs her mommy! But here's kinda a before/after shot of my class. 
 My class was also fortunate enough to watch the rocket launch from Vandenberg AFB last week! They were sending up some sort of satellite. It was just really cool because the whole school stopped what we were doing and sat out on the front lawn to watch it! The kids loved it!
Jason has been hard at work this month too! His job keeps him very busy and he's been sending a lot of different airmen to many different places for trainings and deployments. So his days have been long and extremely busy seeing as he is needed by a lot of different people. I am very proud of the hard work he does because he does it so well and many people give him good compliments for all he does for them. :) The one day this month, someone hit an electrical line which caused the alarm in their armory to become disarmed. So people from his shop had to take shift guarding all the guns. This is Jason hard at work: 
 This labor day weekend was one of the hottest weekends since we've been here! Which was not very good for my poor preggo body, but we went to the beach and it was actually like we were on a California beach with the sun shining! Kyle and Stephanee came into town and it was Brillo's first time on the beach. It was very relaxing!
 While my brother and sister-in-law were in town, we had to go to the yummy flatbread place out here. Not only is it delicious, but it's just a cool place to take people. They have their own garden out to the side and there were some beautiful flowers. And they have twinkle lights outside, so we decided to capture the moment.
 We also found a fun place where you could pick your own apples!! Golden Delicious were the ripe ones right now and it was really fun! We were only there for maybe 15 minutes because it was so hot... but it was just a place we all weren't use to having around, it was the first time for all of us, and it was just a neat experience. I took a lot of pictures, because it was just such a different experiences! AND I can show little Sara what mommy did while she was cooking!

 It was so nice having family around for even just a weekend. My body just got tired a lot and made it hard to get through the full day without passing out. It's sad to see them go. :(