Sunday, May 26, 2013


We've recently had to say goodbye to some friends of ours that we've met here at Vandenberg. Amy and Hayden were really the first people we met here. It was really just such a blessing for both of us couples to meet each other. Without sounding too sappy... they made it bearable to be here; I think moving here would have just royally sucked had we not found them. Hayden came here for missile training and now they're off to start their new journey in North Dakota.

For me, having Amy here was perfect timing. Through everything that was going on in my life, it was amazing to have another girl that I connected with so quickly; like my friends at home. So, when I was really missing home; it was super great to have her around.

Jason also finished up leading a bible study a couple weeks ago. When we had first started it, we were hoping that it would be a pretty big group. It ended up being just Jason and I, Amy and Hayden, and the Chaplin Matt and his wife Kelly. We went through the Miracles of Christ, which was a great study because it made us really stop and think about the little things of Christ's miracles. In the end, our small group became really close. :) Even though Amy and Hayden are moving, we're lucky enough to keep Matt and Kelly. We all had so much fun together and Tuesday night bible studies were really something to look forward to! I'm going to miss our whole group being together.

All in all, I've learned a very important lesson this past year.  The Air Force gives you a great opportunity to meet new people and create life long friendships. But tonight, as we said goodbye to our friends, it also made me a little bitter that the Air Force also breaks us up just as fast. Despite the goodbyes, having those friends around, even for a short period of time, is the greatest. I don't know what we would have done here without them to help us out. I can only hope that we can be that person to someone else who is coming through Vandenberg.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

May Update

It's been a while, but we're back on the radar! Jason and I have been busy so far in the year 2013! But first things first... our exciting news! We finally get to share. We're expecting our little baby November this year! It's been quite the adventure the past 13 weeks. When we first found out, we were excited, of course... but since we had lost the last one, we were both just a little hesitant to be too excited this time around. Things went well over the last 13 weeks. If you want to read week by week, you can look at our "pages" to the right of the page and read all about it, starting at week 11, under "The Pregnancy Journey". 
As we approached week 10 and 11, that's when I was a little more anxious. It's when we lost the last one and I just couldn't wait one way or the other. At the beginning of week 12, we had our first ultrasound and the technician was pleased with how things looked. From that day forward... we've both gotten very excited about the whole thing! But, that's pretty much the gist of our pregnancy announcement/update.
Shirts of where our family is from. Jason from Ohio, Melissa from Arizona, Baby from California!

Jason started a new job this year. He is temporarily working for the Readiness Center as a Unit Deployment Manager. It's quite the change of pace, and also a change of work. He basically works with getting the airmen ready to deploy and gets them the equipment they need. He's a perfect man for the job and he really is doing an excellent job. He likes to tell me that he likes the job because you can see the whole picture of the Air Force from this position. He gets to see how things are ran, how things are put together for their deployments, and he gets to see the MANY different things that are bought to help equip our military do the job they need to. It's definitely a little more stressful for him, more hours too... but I am very proud of him!

I can't believe I have almost made it through this whole school year. I have grown to love these kids. After everything... they really are a cool bunch of kids. After I told them I was pregnant, they were so excited. The questions they ask and the names they want to name my kid is VERY amusing. This year has been bumpy, but only 18 days left! Tomorrow we're going on a field trip for three days to this outdoor science camp. It's pretty cool that these kids get such an awesome opportunity! The rest of the year includes: Paper roller-coasters, poetry,  a beach day, frisbee golf, and our promotion celebration! I'll be happy when this year is over; as for next year, I'm planning on sticking it out the whole year... minus the maternity leave. We still have plans to iron out for all that.

This weekend, Jason and I were able to attend a Marriage Retreat put on by the chapel. Three couples we have been hanging out with here at Vandenberg were there too. The retreat was great. It was nice to just reconnect as a couple and kind of refresh on things we have forgotten about each other. Plus, we got to have a weekend get away for free! Saturday we were able to hang out with our little group of friends. We went to a winery for a vineyard tour and some of the other couples did the wine tasting... minus the pregnant folk! We did some olive oil tasting and then dinner! We are very blessed to have made some life long friendships, but we're sad because two of those couples are leaving in a few weeks. :(

Keep checking on here for more updates and to follow our pregnancy journey!