Hailey's 1st Year

September 18 - Four Month
Weight: 17.8 pounds via Mommy's measurements 
Length: 26 inches pounds via Mommy's measurements
Ten Things About Hailey:
1. When I sing to her, she giggles and smiles and it makes her so so happy!
2. She's getting very good at grabbing things. My hair, toys, my food, my plate, lots of fun stuff!
3. The day after she turned 3 months, I found her two bottom teeth popping out already! I couldn't believe it. Now she bites everything... and when I say everything, I mean everything. :(
4. She rolls over. Back to front.
5. Because she's started rolling, we had to get her out of her swaddle! Which actually was easier that with the other two! Crazy.
6. Sleeping. She goes back and forth. Sometimes she gets up 4 or 5 times, and other nights only twice. We'll be starting sleep training after her 4m check up. Mommy HAS to get some sleep for greater good of our family.
7. I have her wearing 6-9 month tops and 12m bottoms. hahahaha It just cracks me up.
8. While she's awake, she's able to have more moments by herself, and for longer stretches of times. I can leave her on her play mat and she's pretty happy.
9. She loves people. It makes me so happy. I have no problem handing her off to other people because I know she'll be happy and I don't HAVE to stand right next to her. It's fabulous.
10. When she's nursing, only on the left side... she swings her arm around in circles. It's hilarious! Except when I'm tired, then I have to hold her arm down. ha 
A Note from Mamma: 
When I hold this baby girl I wonder how she's ONLY four months old. Then I pick up Jordyn... and it feels like I'm holding Hailey! hahahaha She's going to pass her twig of a sister any day now. We're getting into more of a groove with the three kidos! The hardest part has been trying to do learning and activity time with the baby around. When she naps, I should be doing that time with the older girls, but there just seems to always be something that needs to be done or that they want to play. But we'll get there. That seems to be my mindset lately... "we'll get there". But then something changes and it's back to square one! She's really starting to show more of her personality and have fun with things! So, I remember how I like this stage and I try to hold on to those moments! :) 
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
August 18 - Three Month
Weight: 15 pounds via Mommy's measurements
Length: 25 inches via Mommy's measurements
Ten Things About Hailey:
1. She had a week of sleeping through the night, from like 6:45pm-7:00am!!! It was awesome... and then she stopped and still wakes up too many times.
2. She has mastered getting out of her swaddle, which is annoying and makes her wake up more. I'm about ready to just make her not need it anymore. haha
3. She just started wearing size 3 diapers and she's in size 6 clothes. It's just crazy talk.
4. The baby talk has begun this month! And the giggles! I love it so much! It's my favorite milestone by far. She's so cute.
5. She's getting into her toys. Her favorite is her little fabric book that makes a rustling noise.
6. She likes to look out the window while we drive when she's awake.
7. This month, she has started sitting up in her bumpo and her chair at the table.
8. White noise is our go to for relief! There's one certain one that we have to have playing for her and normally she just switches off her crying! If not... then she's just really tired.
9. I think she loves being around crowds. We were nervous about taking her to our community group because we knew we'd be there until 7:30 or 8. She usually goes to bed at 6:30. But she was so happy just watching and listening to people!
10. This girl loves her sisters. Sara makes faces at here and Hailey just loves it and smiles at her. Jordyn's even getting in on the action and likes to make faces at her too!
A Note from Mamma: 
Three months at last! We definitely still have our moments, but overall she is so much more of a happy baby! Hooray! One thing I've realized with this kid is that I am ready to do things NOW, like swaddling... I will just make her ready to be done! And sleeping through the night, I really don't mind making her cry it out a little more! Obviously I still really love her, but I guess I just know that this will end and maybe I just wanted it to end a little faster. I just love cuddling with my little baby, I look at her at times and just think "I made this little thing!" Isn't that just crazy!?!
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 July 18 - Two Months
Weight: 14 pounds! 
Length: 23 inches
Ten Things About Hailey:
1. She loves to chew on her hands! She'll finally take the pacifier too, but she's quite happy chomping away on those hands too.
2. She is already in size 2 diapers and 3-6 months clothes. She's the same size Jordyn was at FOUR months. hahaha
3. I have found that she really loves to watch her "stars." We have Ninja Turtle Glow Lites that flash starts onto the ceiling and that's one thing that calms her down when she's not happy.
4. Finally, she's starting to realize that bath time is nice. Most of this month she'd just scream the entire time, but over the past week she's been happy. And the older girls like to stand on their stools and pretend to give her a bath too.
5. This girl slobbers everywhere! She blows bubbles and just drools all over the place!
6. Recently, she's beginning to be able to sit and play or just be by herself. She lays on her play-mat and hits the toys around and will just be happy for a good chunk of time instead of just crying all the time.
7. She loves the baby carrier and will fall asleep in it the majority of the time. So I wear her to church and she sleeps the whole time (mostly....).
8. I know I said she started smiling, but this month the smiles are getting bigger and SO happy. She hasn't quite gotten the laugh down yet, but you can see that she really wants to.
9. I've noticed that she has just started to grab at things! A lot of the times it's my hair! poo.... but her toys or things that are hanging in front of her.
10. She's pretty predictable with her sleep, minus the hospitalization throwing a wrench into our schedule. She'll still wake up about 3 times. 11-12, 3-3:30, and somewhere around 5:30-6. We're getting there. 
A Note from Mamma: 
It's nice that we've started to see the turn in her mood from newborn to a baby who will sit and be happy! I feel like I really have been savoring these days lately because I seriously cannot believe it's been two months already. She got to have some good snuggles and quality time with Nina and Papa (my parents who came to visit).  I think I'm really settling into my roll as a mother of three this month. There are definitely things that I still won't attempt by myself with all three of them, but we're getting there. I can't wait to be a smarter person again. I feel so sleep deprived and scatter brained that I cannot have a really conversation with anyone. So I apologize to people I've talked to and have sounded like a dumb dumb. I'm really looking forward to seeing more of her personality come out and playing with her much more! 
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 June 18 - One Month
Weight: 10 pounds at her 2 week appointment (probably 12lbs now!)
Length: 21 1/2 inches at her 2 week appointment
Ten Things About Hailey:
1. She's a fussy baby. :( She likes to cry. I guess they all cried really... she's not as bad as Sara was but it's still pretty frustrating.
2. Her smiles have started already. It's SO sweet. And when she smiles, I've noticed a little dimple on her left cheek! So cute.
3. This girl is so strong. She's been picking up her head since the first week, but now she's just crazy. Sometimes she'll get a little too confident and her head will smash into mine.
4. She's HOT! Like I have to only have her in her diaper when I swaddle her at night and she still is sweating when I lift her up at night.
5. She stinks at sleeping. She wakes up at least every two hours to eat and usually has at least one time each night. Life is rough. Also, we already put her in her room super early. I just couldn't handle all the noises of her being in our room!
6. I like to call her a grumpy old man. She always looks grumpy and has no hair on top of her head and then has all her hair in the back. Silly girl.
7. She's been wearing size 1 diapers, and Jason forced me to buy size 2... but he's just crazy about his diaper sizes... haha
8. She's moved up to 3 month clothes. I think I started her in them about 2 weeks ago. People think she's like 2 months old already!
9. Pacifiers were not an option for the first, but for the past couple days she's finally getting into them which is very helpful. PLUS we got a fox and a moose Wubbanubs as gifts so I'm happy we'll get to use them.
10. Of all the girls, she cries the least in her carseat. She tends to sleep a lot of the time while we're in the car. 
A Note from Mamma: 
It's been quite a month. I'd be lying if I said it's been a pleasant one. I've been overly emotional, stressed out and exhausted. Jason has been working in a leadership class all month, so I've been on my own since week one all day. A hard part is just keeping the older girls entertained. If we just stay at home all day, there tend to be more fights between them, so we try to do things we did before Hailey came along. It's exhausting, but worth it in the long run. So far getting three kids in the car hasn't been the worst thing that has changed! So that's good. One of the biggest challenges is just being a wife. There are some days where I don't think I even get to talk to Jason about much at all because we're so wrapped up in what the girls are doing and getting everyone what they need. I know it's just a season in life, but it's been a strain in our relationship. :( It's been a hard month, but I find comfort in knowing that God is my refuge and strength and that he has build me as a Mama to raise these girls and will give me the wisdom and energy to survive!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
 May 18 - Just Born
Weight: 8 pounds 7 ounces
Length: 21 1/2 inches
Ten Things About Hailey:
1. The first thing I noticed about her was that she had her Momma's nose! 
2. She sneezes ALL the time.
3. It appears that she feeds like a champ. She's cranking out those poopy diapers left and right. 
4. She does not like having her temperature taking under her arm pits. 
5. When her sisters are around, she can't take her eyes off of them. 
6. Her hair is a golden brown color. When she first came out it was very wavy, but when she got cleaned up in her first bath, it smoothed out a bit. 
7. So far, she doesn't cry as much as her sisters, but she makes some really cute baby noises. 
8. She loves to smack her lips and make kissing noises. 
9. Thankfully, we didn't have to stay long in the hospital because she seems to be a pretty healthy little baby. 
10. She has A+ blood, and with my RH Negative condition, she's the only baby that was somewhat affected by that and had to have a couple extra tests done, but she's totally fine.
A Note from Mamma: 
I'm SO happy to have her here. It's just so crazy to me how even on your third kid you can just feel so much love for another human being. She's just so precious. I'm so happy that the labor and delivery when smoothly and pretty quick. Now, we're just trying to get use to our new normal. 

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