Jordyn's 1st Year

June 12 - Twelve Months 
Weight: 17 pounds 10 ounces (7th percentile)
Length:  29.6 inches (68th percentile)
Loves: Peek-A-Boo
Doesn't love: Loud noises 
Ten things about Jordyn: 
1. This month we were working on weening her off Mommy and switching to formula. It was successful. Now onto whole milk!
2. She's getting pretty good with her forks and spoons. She gets the motion and the point of it, but it's a little difficult to actually get it in her mouth. Sometimes she gets frustrated and just chucks the spoon on the ground.
3. One of her favorite things to do is climbing into chairs. She just sits there. haha Or she'll get in and climb out then climb in again. It's cute.
4. This little trouble-maker goes for the toilets! EW! There have been too many times where I have to run and say "NO Jordyn! YUCKY!" So it's been an adjustment remembering to close the bathroom door. One time I found her swishing her toothbrush in the toilet. Really... you can't leave this girl for a second.
5. She has taken a few steps!! I was surprised. I just stood her up to take a picture of her and then she took about five steps to me!
6. 5 new teeth have popped in to join her 4.... 9 teeth!! Poor girl, it's been pretty miserable cutting teeth all at once.
7. Any chance she can get, she loves to be outdoors. At the park, swinging, playing in the backyard, the beach, the pool, even just stroller ride. She just loves being outside.
8. She's been getting really cute with her stuffed animals. She likes to snuggle and kiss them, it's so stinking cute.
9. Lately, she tends to walk on her knees instead of crawling. It's actually kinda weird... But whatever works right?
10. She had her first birthday party and cried 85% of the time. She also didn't smash her cake as well as I thought she would I was kinda bummed. haha

A note from Mama: My little baby is one year old already! It's just so crazy. I just love every moment with her, and Sara of course... Having this new business has thrown me for a loop. It's been hard balancing family life and an at home business. I just feel so consumed with this job and I'm realizing I can't do it all. So if you're reading this, say a prayer... or send a tid bit of advice to help a sista out. :) I had fun writing about my year with Jordyn! I hope you all enjoyed it too. I guess it's time for another one! haha Only, the military has put a damper in our family planning. Since we're moving in March it would be silly to get pregnant in the next couple months. Poo Poo... But ultimately God knows what's best for our family, so we'll just enjoy what we have! :)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
May 12 - Eleven Months 
Weight: 17.5 pounds according to Mommy
Length:  29.3 inches according to Mommy
Loves: Dancing and music
Doesn't love: Diaper changing.
Ten things about Jordyn: 
1. We now have to keep the gate closed to the stairs because Jordyn will take off up the stairs and she's so quick to climb them. It's pretty impressive. 
2. This month she has been getting really good at walking around with her pushy walker toy. I think it'll still be a couple months before she takes off walking though. 
3. One of her favorite games to play is "Where's Jordyn?" She'll throw her hands up over her head and then pull them down and squeal, "heeeeeeey!" and giggle away. It's pretty darn cute. 
4. She is the worst child to give a diaper change to! She just wants to squirm, twist, and get away... it's very frustrating at times. Crazy girl. 
5. I just pulled out the 18 month pajamas and pants! It's crazy, she's all over the place. 9 month onesies, 12 month t-shirt and dresses. She's been in size 3 diapers since Christmas. 
6. Very recently, she randomly just stood up on her own for a good chunk of time! I was very impressed.
7. Jordyn LOVES to be tickled!!! It's really funny. She gets so squirmy and giggly! Sara found a little place under her chin she likes to tickle. She'll run over and tickle her and Jordyn things it's the best thing ever!
8. I just found her next two teeth that have come in. Now she has 4 top teeth and 2 bottom teeth.
9. Let's see... she does love eating, but there are some things she really loves! She loves pizza! and raspberries, hard boiled eggs, meats, and green beans.
10. She's started to be a good climber. I know I mentioned the stairs, but she just likes to climb all over us, and onto little chairs, and the picnic table. She's even climbing well enough to go on the little playground near our house! (Even though she does NOT like the slide. haha)

A note from Mama: I'd like to say "I can't believe it's almost been a year!". Which is true, it's hard to believe she's 11 months now. But I'm so happy that she's at this stage. And I've just loved being there for everything! Like when she stayed standing by herself for the first time, I was SO happy that it was ME that got to be the first person to witness it! Sara has been getting a little rough with Jordyn. I've had to say a lot this month, "Sara, she's crying that means she doesn't like it!" and her reply is "But she DOES like it..." Good grief. I guess it's time to start planning another first birthday party! whoop!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
April 12 - Ten Months 
Weight:17 pounds according to Mommy
Length: 29 inches according to Mommy
Loves: Tunnels!
Doesn't love: Changing

Ten things about Jordyn: 
1. Jordyn hit lots of milestones this month. The first being that she started pulling herself up. Which is bad news for poor Sara... now Jordyn can get to her stuff on the tables now!
2. She has started to get her two top front teeth this month. She's a much whinier teether than Sara was, but then again, growing teeth must be painful.
3. Finally she has started to clap! Took long enough. haha
4. Dancing has started to be a big thing with her. It's just bouncing up and down, nothing too crazy, but it's super cute. She loves to dance to Mickey, or to Pandora when we have it playing. Maybe it's the dance class we go to that helps with that too.
5. This girl LOVES tunnels and tents. Sara HATED them, so it's so fun to chase her in the tunnels. She's a hilarious little baby. She'll poke her head out to see if you're watching and then run through the tunnel to the other side.
6. I have yet to find something that Jordyn won't eat. There are things she won't eat as much of, but she'll eat pretty much anything I give her. She loves her meats; chicken, beef, ham, tuna. What a weirdo. And she eats a lot! The doctor told me to feed her more protein to help gain weight, and I said she eats it ALL the time... that obviously is not helping. haha She's just a skinny little thing like Daddy.
7. One other thing she loves to do is look at pictures of the family. She gets most excited seeing pictures of herself or of Sara. We'll walk around the house and look at pictures on the wall and she'll start bouncing and waving her arms and making noises. Too cute.
8. With Jordyn I thought it would be fun to seriously try teaching her sign language. So for months I've been doing "eat" and "more", and a couple weeks ago she did it!! She pulled herself up to Sara's table, saw she was eating and then started signing eat! It was awesome.
9. She loves to be chased. She's a fast crawler too! She'll just crawl away really fast and laugh, then stop and look behind her to see if you're still there.
10. Sara and Jordyn have started to learn to play with each other this month. Sara will come grab her and hug her (or tackle her) and Jordyn will just laugh! Eventually, she starts crying... but it's fun for a minute. Sara loves to chase Jordyn too, and Jordyn will crawl after her too. They'll play with this big bouncy ball together, Sara has taught Jordyn how to roll over it. It's been fun to watch this develop.

A note from Mama: The past two weeks, I was on my own. It was a little much. I found myself snapping a little more quickly than normal and I got worn out way too easily. It makes me so thankful to have a partner who is there to help out a lot. We went on a road trip by ourselves to Vegas while Jason was gone, because I just couldn't do it anymore... and I realized that we just got SUPER blessed with amazing car children. They are SO fantastic on road trips. I'm pretty sure God was looking out for us on this particular trip though, since I was solo. I just LOVE my babies. I'm so happy to be a stay at home mommy so I can be there for all their accomplishment, mistakes, and development. 
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

March 12 - Nine Months 
Weight: 16.3 pounds (9 percentile!!! Jeez Jordyn!)
Length: 28.8 inches (89 percentile!!)
Loves: Playing in the play kitchen
Doesn't love: Sitting down to eat

Ten things about Jordyn: 
1. I hope I don't jinx it, BUT.. we've gone a week with her sleeping through the night. I don't know what happened, but horray! 
2. We can give her a pony tail now!!!! It's really cute, very small, and sticks straight up. hehe
3. Sadly, right now she doesn't like books. I guess we dropped the ball with her. Now that I've been trying to make a point of reading with her, she just doesn't care. :( Hopefully it'll change. 
4. She likes playing inside and under things. Like our play tent and tunnels and under the dining room table especially. 
5. Bathtime is in the big bath with Sara now! But she seriously wants to climb all over Sara or crawl around the bathtub and usually ends up slipping and flipping over in the tub... I guess she'll be a good swimmer. 
6. Speaking of swimming, she had her first trip to the pool where we practiced blowing bubbles and going under water. 
7. She eats EVERYTHING. I couldn't take her outside and let her roam free because she was putting everything in her mouth. She stuck her whole face into the sand in the sandbox. Where did this baby come from? 
8. When we take Sara to dance class, Jordyn likes to participate a little now too. Mostly she crawls around and gets in the way, but she likes playing with what the big kids are playing with. 
9. She's eating real people food. She's getting the point of picking up food and putting it in her mouth, so she's eating pretty much everything we are, or at least trying too. 
10. She "talks back" to us. We'll make a certain noise and she'll do the noise back to us. 

A note from Mama: This month has been a lot of "No Jordyn, stay out of that!" And "Sara, you need to share with your sister." "Jordyn don't pull Sara's hair!" "Sara, she's a baby, she doesn't know any better at the moment." It's so funny to see how different Jordyn is as a baby than Sara. Jordyn plays with buckets of toys by pulling one out, looking at it, and throwing it behind her. Sara would actually just play with the toy. Jordyn makes A MESS! Sara picks them all up. haha It's really amusing, however, I have to keep way more of a closer eye on Jordyn than I did with Sara. There have been a couple times where Jordyn was just too fast or unexpected for me and they were close calls. But it's also really fun to watch the girls together. We were thinking the other day that Jordyn is approaching the age where Sara was when we got pregnant with Jordyn.... hmmmmm 
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

February 12 - Eight Months 
Weight: According to at home measurements...16 pounds
Length: According to at home measurements...28 inches
Loves: Getting into things
Doesn't love: When we take things away from her
Ten things about Jordyn: 
1. She's started crawling! And it was like zero to 60 in a day! Now she's all over the place and all into Sara's things. It's a whole new world for all of us.
2. This month Jordyn also started waving! It's impressive, we'll say "say good-bye!!" and she'll start waving her arm around. She especially likes to wave at herself in the mirror.
3. Her sleep is actually getting to be a little more routine. She'll usually go down at 6:30 and wake up twice in the night and then stay asleep until 7ish. So... it's progress!
4. This girl... loves watching Frozen Fever! Any time I need her to sit still, I turn it on and she's so good. Usually, it's when I need to clip her nails.
5. Lately, she's REALLY into books. She likes to slap them and eat them. But they really are interesting for her. Yay Jordyn!
6. Once she started crawling, she also got really good at going from her back to belly to sitting up. Which also means we had to lower her crib, because soon she'll be pulling herself up! ahhhh
7. She's LOUD! I know I've said it before, but even just her happy yells are super loud. It's out of control!
8. Destroyer! Sara never really got into things too much. But Jordyn is in to EVERYTHING! And she tries to find the smallest things on the floor to pick up. I don't think I've vacuumed so much in my life.
9. On occasion she sucks on her thumb, and I try really hard to make her stop so that it doesn't become a thing!
10. She's wearing 12 month pants, 12 month pajamas and 6-9 month tops! This girl is long and lean!

A note from Mama: Lately, I feel like one day is just like the next. So I've been trying to find new things to do in this small town that are different and fun. We're still having lots of fun at the Lawyer household. As well as lots of teaching and learning and disciplining since Sara has to learn to share a lot more lately. 8 months! Time really does FLY! I also feel like he hasn't been gaining much weight... but she eats SO much! So that's weird..
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
January 12 - Seven Months
Weight: According to at home measurements...16.2 pounds
Length: According to at home measurements...27 1/2 inches
Loves: Mama
Doesn't love: Anyone that's not Mama
Ten things about Jordyn: 
1. Jordyn took her first plane ride this month! She did really well for the most part. It was a pretty long flight and she was super restless, but I would say she wasn't the most annoying thing on the plane. 
2. One thing she loves to do is play on her belly. She's getting really good at lifting herself up and it seems like she's attempting to figure out this crawling thing. So that should be soon!!! ahhhh!
3. A weird thing I've noticed this month, is she pulls at her own hair when she's nursing. It seems like it would really hurt, but apparently she likes it. ha 
4. Pretty much anything and everything Sara is doing, Jordyn wants to watch or do along with her. This tends to make Sara pretty annoyed, but it's fun to watch anyway. 
5. Recently, she's been really into cuddling with stuffed animals. It's really cute. You can see how much she loves them because I couldn't get her to stay away from her pillow monster for pictures... It's super cute to watch her snuggle with them. 
6. If you couldn't tell from the "loves" and "doesn't love" section, she's been really attached to me. She gets angry when I leave the room, even if she's with Daddy and Sara, and always wants Mama. Which is fun for a minute, but 24/7... bleh 
7. Oh right, she's doing fantastic at sitting up. I've even seen her brace herself when she's started falling backwards. This is helpful for a lot of her toys we like to play with. 
8. When Sara cries, Jordyn tends to laugh at her. Pretty much every time, Sara will start crying and Jordyn will just sit, look at her, and laugh. Every time! hahaahaha 
9. She loves to cover her face with things. It's a little terrifying actually. She'll just cover her face with a blanket or her Wubbanub, and just kick and flail her arms and laugh. So she won't be getting a blanket when she sleeps any time soon. 
10. Another thing she has a lot of fun in is her jumper. She'll just sit in in and jump and jump and jump and giggle. She just LOVES to move! All the time! 

A note from Mama: So, being on the road, in the air, in other people's homes, and away from our own home for two weeks really messed us up! Sara had a blast! She didn't get too bent out of shape and she slept well, it was great. Jordyn on the other hand... she didn't sleep well, she was moody, and like I said before, she just wanted MAMA! It was hard for me because I wanted Jason's family and my own family to get some cuddles in, but she just would cry when other people held her. But, now we're home and back in the swing of things. So hopefully her moodiness will chill a little so I can have a break sometimes. I'm excited Jordyn's getting into learning new things and she's really interested in all the experiences I get to expose her to. I love being with my girls. :) 
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
December 12 - Six Months
Weight:15.1 pounds
Length:27 inches!
Loves:Making noiseies (as Sara says)
Doesn't love: Having her nose wiped
Ten things about Jordyn: 
1.This month we ventured into foods! It was just getting so sad. She wanted everything we were all eating and we just gave in early. She's had peas, carrots, green beans, and squash so far. I think she loves the green beans the most by far. This girl is also a super duper messy eater!!!
2. One thing she's accomplished this month is sitting up for a short period of time before falling over. It's pretty impressive. 
3. During our car rides, her favorite thing is looking out the window and watching the world go by. It's really sweet. OR leaning her head over so she can see Sara. 
4. Jordyn is a really determined baby. Which also makes her frustrated when her toys or people aren't doing what she wants. haha She's a go getter! I like watching her play and roll around on the floor, because she is figuring out how to make herself roll in certain directions to get what she's going for.
5. Since Sara's birthday was this month, we had some balloons around and this girl LOVES them! I would clip them to her socks and she would kick her legs like crazy. So fun! 
6. Oh duh... she got TWO teeth this month. That's been fun, if fun means lots of tears and fussiness. 
7. When she is really upset, she always seems to calm down when she hears Mama's singing. 
8. SHE IS LOUD!!!!!!!!!! And it's not even when she's mad... it's when she's happy, or having fun, or when we can't get her her food fast enough! Dinner time is the worst in the best way! It's just a really loud time. 
9. Sleeping is still horrible. I just give up trying to figure things out. We've let her cry it out, but honestly, when we do that it keeps me up longer so I may as well just get up and feed her! Hopefully one of these days I'll get to have a good nights sleep again... right? 
10. I guess the last thing I'll say is she's a chewer. She wants to chew on anything and everything.

A note from Mama: Life as a stay at home Mama is definitely getting more complicated. Now with Jordyn moving all the time, and not wanting to sit still... we have to keep a close eye on her and keep her entertained. I absolutely love watching the girls be sisters. Even though a lot of the time it's "Sara, Jordyn would like ONE of your Paw Patrols, give her one and you can play with the rest!" so she won't take toys away from Jordyn. But they have such sweet moments too. Now that Jordyn is eating food, it makes meal time even more crazy!! But I'm still loving it, most of the time. At our doctor's appointment today, our doctor said we need to get an ultrasound for Jordyn's hip because it's clicking. I guess they want to make sure she doesn't have hip displacement. Eeek. So we'll see how that goes.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
November 12 - Five Months
Weight: According to at home measurements...14 lbs
Length: According to at home measurements...26 inches
Loves: Peek-A-Boo
Doesn't love: Sleeping at night
Ten things about Jordyn: 
1. She's a little Rolly Polly! One minute she's on her play mat on her back then she has rolled from her back to her stomach, back to her back, back to her stomach, and then she's 5 feet away from the mat!
2. She has learn how to blow bubbles and absolutely loves it!
3. During the night... when she IS sleeping, she has taken to sleeping on her side. She's in this little sleep sack because we gave up on swaddling already. Jason calls it her potato sack.
4. If you want to make her girl, all you have to do is tickle her neck. She thinks it's the greatest! hehe
5. When she's waking up she flaps her arms like a penguin. Then kicks her legs repeatedly...
6. One thing that seems to help her focus on falling asleep is rubbing her forehead.
7. It seems like a lot of these bullets are about sleeping, so I should mention that she completely sucks at it still. I don't know what her deal is, but it's horrible.
8. She is way more into all her baby toys than her sister was. She's doing a fabulous job at grabbing them and exploring with them. It's fun to watch her play with the many toys we give her.
9. We just started putting her in the Bumpo and in her little jumper play thing. She's still falling forward when she sits up, but when we put her in these two things, she seems to have a good time. So far, she hasn't gotten the hang of jumping up and down in the jumper, but really likes the toys around the seat.
10. This girl really is a trooper. I like to get out of the house and take them everywhere with me. She's getting use to being toted around all morning.

A note from Mama: I may not post a 6 month update... for I may die of sleep deprivation. It's really getting to me. Hopefully, things will turn around soon. This month has been hard for Mama, but when I get frustrated or irritated, the girls seems to do something adorable or they do something new and then I remember that I should get over it and enjoy the moments I get to have with them. :)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
October 12 - Four Months
Weight: 13.8 ponds
Length: 25 3/4 inches
Loves: Her hands
Doesn't love:Funny faces when she's sleepy.
Ten things about Jordyn:
1.Yeah... so that great sleeper I once wrote about is nonexistent now. :( She's been a horrible sleeper this month. Sometimes, she just wakes up crying... but she seems totally asleep! I try to give her a pacifier but she just flips her head the other way, goes to sleep, but cries a little bit later. Bleh!
2. She has successfully rolled from her back to belly several times! Whoop!
3. This girl has strong legs, she loves to kick and straighten her legs.
4. She also found her feet this month. She hasn't gotten them in her mouth yet... but I suspect it'll be soon.
5. We're still going strong on breast milk! I haven't had to supplement at all. But it's also strange because I haven't really had to give her a bottle either... since I'm ALWAYS around...
6. After a while of cuddling, especially when we try putting her to bed, she just has enough and gets super squirmy.
7. We've started reading the touch and feel books to her, and it's cute to watch her realize how interesting things feel!
8. She gets crazy red eyes and red eyebrows when she's super tired.
9. Really, she's just such a content baby! She likes to just sit and watch the world go by and it seems to make her happy.
10. She's doing much better in the car! We'll have this girl road trip trained in no time at all!

A note from Mama: It's been an exhausting month. Sleep deprivation has set in and it's been rough. I'm lucky that Sara is so independent and helpful (for the most part) and things don't get TOO crazy here. Jason is heading off to a training in Florida this next week, and instead of staying here at Vandenberg all alone, I'm heading to Vegas with the girlies to visit those cool people. I'm still really enjoying staying home, and I feel like I get to do other things with my life and it's pretty nice.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
  September 12 - Three Months
Weight: According to at home measurements... 13 lbs
Length: According to at home measurements... 24 1/2 inches
Loves: Sara!!
Doesn't love: Car Seat
Ten things about Jordyn:
1. Jordyn is a growing girl! She's in size 2 diapers, 3 month tops and is more comfortable in 6m pants... even though they're a little baggy around the belly.
2. She has a birthmark on her forehead, which we thought was a bruise for a while because she had been slamming her head into our chin or collar bone. But since it hasn't gone away, I suppose it's a birthmark!
3. When she smiles, she has a little dimple in her cheek.
4. This girl loves to talk! Sometimes when she wakes up, we can just hear her talking to herself in her room.
5. She's a grabber. Especially hair! Ouch!
6. When she cries or laughs really hard, she tends to let out a snort. hehe It's pretty cute.
7. She does like pacifiers... however, she likes her fist in her mouth the most when she sleeps.
8. We decided to try out the church nursery for the first time. She only spent the last 30 minutes of church in there, but the girls said she was giggling and talking the whole time! YAY!
9. Jordyn really loves watching Sara! When Sara runs around the room, she watches her go back and forth. I think she really loves when Sara decides to come and get up in her face and cuddles with her.
10. She a mover! We watched her wiggle and scoot herself on the floor a full 360! And she is experimenting with turning to her side and is even a little dare devil who seems to be trying to flip over!

A note from Mama: This month I've been worried about her being too attached too Mama. She has been fussy when other people hold her, especially Dada. So, we're working on leaving her with Dada and other people, and I just leave so she knows I'm not always going to be around. I also feel like she's pretty adventurous, and I have a sneaky feeling that she'll be one of those babies that starts walking at 9 or 10 months. She'll want to keep up with her big sister. Although, I also thought she'd be early being born, and she was overdue... so maybe my Mama instincts are off. It's exciting seeing her change day to day and to see all the new things she learns. She's so stinking cute! (It was also very hard to pick pictures for this month because she was making the cutest expressions in all of her photos!)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
August 12 - Two Months
Weight: 11 pounds 2 ounces
Length: 23.8 inches!
Loves: Owl noises from Daddy and smiles from Mama
Doesn't love: Being overly sleepy
Ten things about Jordyn:
1. This month, she was kicked out of Mama and Daddy's room and is now in her very own room. She's doing a great job in her own room and it's working out super great. 
2. She sleeps... A LOT! Now I know... some of your mamas are cursing me... I was that mama too with Sara! But seriously, I don't even know what to do with myself because she sleeps so much. I guess just take advantage of it before she realizes she doesn't HAVE to sleep this much. haha
3. Her eyebrows dance when she smiles. It's so cute. She'll look at you and raise either both eyebrows or just one. 
4. She had her first full blow laughing spell while taking a bath. I gave her a little raspberry on her belly and she just could contain her happiness! I was shocked that she already laughed, but I just absolutely love it! 
5. One of her favorite things to do is kick her toys and make them rattle. She kicks pretty hard too!
6. She recently has loved sucking on her fist. She DOES like her pacifier now too, but sometimes she'll just find her hands and chew, chew, chew on them. 
7. Unlike Sara, who would stay in the same outfit pretty much all day, we have to change her outfit a couple times a day. This is due to spit up and diaper overflowage. 
8. Headbands don't fit! Her head seems to be so small, I only have a couple of headbands that will actually fit on her head. 
9. She had her first family vacation to Disneyland!!! She had a blast.... sleeping the whole time that is. 
10. She's just a very happy baby! Sometimes when she smiles, she gets this face that looks like Kevin Malone from The Office. haha It's amazing.

A note from Mama: This month was the start of me being on my own with both girls. It's been really fun!... with some very chaotic moments sprinkled through out the days. I'm learning to balance my time with both girls and they're learning that they're pretty much stuck together. Sara is warming up to her little sister very well and I think Jordyn is finally starting to notice that there's a little person who is always around her. The more I get to be home with them, the more I realize how important it was that I get to be here for this time in their lives and how much of a blessing it is too. 
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
July 12 - One Month
Weight:At her 2 weeks she was 8 lb 10 oz
Length:At her 2 weeks she was 21 1/2 inches
Loves: Daddy, Mama and Sara's faces, and the sound of the vacuum.
Doesn't love: Being strapped into her car seat.
Ten things about Jordyn:
1.This girl is SUCH a noisy sleeper! She also sounds like a horse sometimes when she takes a deep breath. 
2. She's gotten better, but she doesn't really like pacifiers. Mostly, Mama can't get her to suck on one... however Daddy and other people are better at getting her to. I think she just smells Mama and is like "Ya, no... I don't want no plastic!"
3. When we're in the car, she absolutely hates when the car has stopped. She'll start screaming. 
4. Our nights this month from about 7:30-9 consist of trying to get her to go to sleep. She's super cranky around this time. She'll fall asleep and then all of the sudden she's wide awake again. It's very tiring. 
5. She has pretty bad skin. Right now it's mostly just her face. Her skin is dry and she has bad baby acne at the moment. 
6. She loves to be outside. Especially when the wind is blowing the leaves around. 
7. Right now we're still putting her in newborn onesies, but her pants are 0-3 month. She has some pretty long legs. 
8. Along with being a noisy sleeper, she's a very noisy eater too! She also takes her precious time eating as well. 
9. She can really hold her head up like a champ. She's a strong little girl. 
10. She's already starting to give us the biggest smiles and even some little coos and squeals. 

A note from Mama: It's a little hard to believe it's been a month already. I've been enjoying (for the most part...) all my time with this little girl. She's just so stinking cute! I have forgotten how much I hate the newborn stage though, really just the sleeping part. We have our good nights, but mostly bad ones where we're up quite a bit. I'm still dumbfounded that I have two little girls I'm responsible for, but it's so much fun. I really love being a mama and I'm pretty excited I'll get to be with them this next school year.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
June 12 - Just Born
Weight at birth: 8 lbs 2 oz
Length at birth: 20 inches
Loves: Eating, sleeping, and pooping
Doesn't love: sleeping alone
Ten things about Jordyn:
1. She has really long toes and really long fingers... like a hobbit.
2. This girl really knows how to make an entrance into the world.
3. Her hair is blonde and beautiful along with the whitest eyelashes!
4. She seems to need size 1 diapers already. 
5. She has taken to nursing reluctantly, but seems to be getting the hang of it now.
6. Her head is pretty small considering who her sister is!
7. She can be an incredibly loud crier, but most of the time she's pretty quiet.
8. She seems to really like sleeping except during the late hours of night.
9. Her first days of life are hooked up to a UV Blanket to help cure jaundice.
10. Jordyn is a beautiful little girl and I would not take back any of the crappiness I had to go through to get her into our lives. She is amazing.

A note from Mama: It's so fun holding a little newborn again! Every day I look at her and I think... I made that... in my BELLY! It's so crazy. Jordyn is such a blessing and we're so excited for her and Sara to start bonding with one another. 

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