Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Two Worlds Apart

Here we go onto our first deployment. Jason left for training in Texas 3 1/2 weeks ago. Tomorrow he leaves for Kuwait. He says it'll be a very long journey to get over there. Lots of planes. He'll be working at a small base there and they'll be building a big parking apron for the airplanes. He's excited about going, a little homesick, but excited. We're in two different places... living two different lives it seems. It's hard, but we're hanging in there.

My job is tough, it's a very tough year. Rough couple kids, and lots of crappy other stuff on top of everything else. It's the 5th week of school, and I think I'm finally beginning to kinda like my job again. I'm doing 4th grade boys this year.

That's the extent of our news. Not too much else going on really. There's a couple pictures below to show somethings we've done through out the year. We'll be posting on here more often to keep everyone updated on life in Kuwait... and life back here in Vegas. :)