Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Let It Snow?

We had a surprise snow fall a couple days ago! It's been a nice 60 degrees for the past month and then BANG! Today, the snow has pretty much melted and I've been watching the weather everyday since. The weather man SAYS it should be 59 degrees and 45 at night on Dec. 19th. Fingers crossed! I'm trying to not worry so much about it, no matter what the weather is, the wedding should be fine either way! ^_^ The whole idea is to celebrate the new marriage, cold or not! So bring your jackets and scarves because it's going to press on weather the weather cooperates or not!

In other wedding news, the loose ends are slowly being tied up! Wedding favors are done! Mitchi spent a day in the hospital finishing them up as well as our marshmallow bags to throw when we leave. She's awesome! Music...check, photos...check! 10 more days to go! Crazy how much planning goes into this day! We checked out flowers the other day as well. They should be pretty too!

Life with Jason and I have been hectic as usual. Jason just finished up their Inspection that lasted a week long. He survived working crazy hours, sometimes which were 4:15 am to 7:00 pm!! Fortunately, they passed! Jason's also being nominated for Air Man of the quarter, for the second time I might add! I have been busy busy with finishing the wedding details as well as doing some extra tutoring with some 3rd graders from our school. There are 8 girls and 3 boys... lets just say I'm so happy to be teaching boys! :) We're excited for family coming into town in the next week!!!! This should be a very fun, and interesting couple weeks coming up! YAY!

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