Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The End is Here

The end is near. It’s weird, exciting, crazy, and fantastic that Jason will be actually coming home this week! It’s been such an emotional rollercoaster. In the beginning it was, “How am I going to do this?!”. Near the middle it was, “I’m sick of being by myself…. you need to come home now”. Now that it’s the end… it’s “Holy crap… how did I just get through those 7 months!?” It’s hard to express what it’s like to be a military wife with your husband overseas. There are so many emotions involved, and a lot of growing that I had to go through. I’m happy I went through it though; it makes me confident that God will use me in someone else’s life when they are going through it. It was nice having older women who have been through it to tell me that it was ok to feel the way I did, and that it was ok to be angry over the situation because marriage ISN’T suppose to be like that. It’s not normal!
Looking back, I can’t believe the person I have become today. Really, I never lived on my own, and it hit me a couple weeks ago that I was actually living on my own for the first time. With no one to lean on, no one to take the trash out for me, fix my car, or change light bulbs and smoke detectors… it was just me. Yes, I have many people who told me they would help me, and I called my brothers and dad countless times asking for help… but I learned a lot about taking care of our house. I’m proud of what I have been able to do. I also have become quite the independent woman because of all of this, so I think it will be really weird sharing my life again with someone. Sometimes I think it will be like being a newlywed all over again. 
I’ve been very busy here in Vegas. Next week is Spring Break! WOO! I’ve grow quite attached to this group of boys. It’s the most challenging group I’ve dealt with in my…. 4 years of teaching… but I’m really attached to them. They get my silly humor and we have fun at school! I’ve been doing tutoring after school, which keeps me here till 5:00 three days a week, but it’s ending on Thursday. I’m’ very happy about that. On Sundays I’ve been teaching a Sunday school class. It’s mostly girls and there’s usually only 4 of them, but I’ve been enjoying that. Thursday nights have been bible study nights. We’re going through the book of Job. I’ve had to be the substitute leader a couple times, but it has been a blessing doing that while Jason’s been gone.
I’ve gotten close to a few people here in Vegas that I haven’t really had the chance to get to know very well till now. One is Carolyn, and she got me into line dancing! I even bought a pair of cowboy boots! Imagine that! My niece Evelyn has been my pick me up! I love my Evelyn time! A couple months ago, I got to steal her and we went to the Shark Aquarium because she LOVES fish! She’s growing up so fast, and she’s such a start little girl! This past weekend I went to Disneyland with Carolyn, kinda as a last horah before Jason comes home! Those have been the highlights of what I’ve been into lately, but I’m more excited to have my husband back! I can’t wait! 
I want to thank anyone who reads this for supporting Jason and I and praying for us through all of this. By God’s grace we have almost arrived to the end of this trial and I’m excited to see what God will have in store for us the rest of this year. It will be an interesting one…. I’m sure of it.

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  1. What a wonderful update Melissa and so glad you two are about to connect again!! Wooo hoooo. Thanks to the both of you for sharing from your hearts during this adventure. Enjoy reconnecting, it is rather "newlyweddish"!!

    Auntie Jo