Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Hailey James

This time around it's been iffy with our little girl's name. With the other two, once we found a name we both liked, we stuck with it and didn't think about it again. But this time around, I knew I liked Hailey James right off, and just waited for Jason to be on board... Then I just kept thinking and searching for other names out there. It was very annoying. But ultimately, we kept coming back to Hailey and it's super cute when Sara says it.

So, it's done now. No turning back. Her name is on a onesie and that's that. So here's a little story about how we came up with it. I have actually had the name on my list when I was pregnant with Sara and Jordyn. But for some reason, it just didn't stick then! I'm not huge on the meaning, "bale of hay"... but then again Melissa means "honey bee..." You just can't win them all. Now the James part of the name is what made me fall in love with Hailey even more. Jason's first name is James and it's a tradition in his family to use it, and sadly we're cutting off the Lawyer line on his Grandfather's side. We won't have a boy to use it with, so Hailey will get the privileged of carrying on a little bit of Daddy's family line.

Now we just wait. And wait. And I'll just become an even more annoyed, giant, disfunctional pregnant women during the next month. And we'll just hope and pray she doesn't come too late, because I... AM... DONE... (I also can't wait to meet her)

Here are some maternity pictures to enjoy as well! 
This was really the whole mood of the shoot... I'm impressed she got other good shots of us.


  1. Really cute Melissa. I love the pictures and name! I can't wait to see her pictures and the girls reactions.