Thursday, March 25, 2010

Swaab Street

We've really enjoyed having our own house to invite people to! One: Because it makes me want to clean the house. Two: Because it makes me want to cook. And three: Because we enjoy the company of our fellow friends and family! So here's a look into some of the people we've had over, and some of the things Jason and I have tried to cook!

First, it starts off with our first visitors, Kyle and Stephanee! We are using our wedding guest book as our house guest book as well. So every time people come over, they have to sign the guest book as well. Then Tobi came over, and we cooked chicken soft tacos together! It turned out yummy! We made our own chips too, Jason was amazed with how we did that ourselves!

Then mama and papa Thomas came over and we cooked them Salmon! It turned
out delicious! I didn't realize how easy salmon is to cook! On a cold, rainy Saturday, I thought I'd try making potato soup with a sour dough bread bowl! It was... A-mazing! It turns out, I might actually be a good cook! We've also had people over for food and fun!

The Lum's came over, I cooked ginger-fried pork, and then we played Aggravation, which is a game Jason and his family taught me. My dad knew what it was, so he made us a board for our Christmas present! The Lum's hadn't played before, so they had fun with it. Now, when we play this, Jason... ALWAYS wins. It's frustrating. But THIS time, after we played three times, I finally won! So it was great. Then we made them Special K, which was a hit... but I have yet to take a picture of it, the recipe came from Jason's mother. :)

We also finally bought a grill! So Jason jumped on that the other day and made steak with peppers, and shrimp. It was tasty. I'm excited to try out some yummy recipes with the grill. Tonight, we're off to Ohio with my parents. We're having an Ohio wedding reception there for this family that wasn't able to go. We're staying a whole week! It should be very fun!



  1. yay for visitors! I will come eat with you guys any day! ;)

  2. Get some old bay seasoning, mighty tasty!!