Sunday, March 14, 2010

House, Transportation, and life Updates

Checking in from the Lawyer's! Life has been going at high speed lately. So much is going on, so let me start with our base housing! Everyone always asks me how living on base is. It has it's ups and downs. It's nice to feel safe, and I like the feel of living in a small town again. We live at 101 Swaab St! We finally got our name plate for our house! :) The other day, they came to take our fence down because we didn't feel like paying $20 extra a month to have a fence... but now they mow our grass for us! How fantastic! The down side is that it is a hassle getting people on base! Luckily, people still come to see us anyway! It's been fun putting together a house with Jason. We've gotten a lot of hand me downs which has been so helpful! Other items we've gotten amazing deals on! So here are some pictures of our little shack of a house!
Across the street, they've started demolishing the houses. They're plan is to get rid of all the old housing on base to build new homes. These houses were all build in the late 60s or early 70s. So this will be what our house looks like come August or September. In other news... Jason and I bought our first big item together! We bought a new car!!! It's a Nissan Versa Hatchback. I absolutely LOVE it. I named her Chelsea. Mostly becuase of the soccer team, they're color is bright blue... and I thought the name just fit the car. It has that fabulous new car smell! I love it! Another piece of transportation we've gotten is a new road bike for me. Jason is really into riding his bike, and I've been wanting to get back into being active, so we thought this would be a good newlywed hobby! I love my new bike!News with us Lawyers. I am on track break... but not really. I volunteered... like a nerd, for track break tutoring. The students have 3 weeks of, including Spring Break, and when they come back we have a week of review and then the following week are the high stake testing. yikes! I'm totally enjoying my boys. I look at some of the 3rd graders, and I'm so thankful for my group of boys! There's a lot about the gang world I've started to learn as well... it's all very new and interesting, as well as scary to me. OH!!!!! And I'll be finishing up my MASTER'S here NEXT WEEK! HORRAY!

Jason just turned in his Officer Training School application. It's taken him probably 4 or 5 months to complete this hefty packet. So keep up in your prayers, we're unsure of what's going to happen in the future. I can't remember if I've mentioned Honor Guard, but he's been doing that this week. It only last two weeks and then he'll go back to his regular job for a month. He basically does the rifle turning and marching as well as shooting at events like funerals, weddings, and retirements. It's different for him, but I know it's good for him.

In other news, we're starting up our Sunday school teaching this Sunday for the next 3 months. Jason has also but such an amazing husband and has offered to help me out with Youth Group while my brother Kevin is unable to do so himself. So we're very very busy! That's a good update for now! Stay tune for more soon!

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