Wednesday, August 7, 2013

An Orange and Pink Event

Some people may call me crazy, but I would call it being creative and productive. I planned my own shower, and I did exactly what I wanted and it turned out exactly how I envisioned it. I wanted it to be laid back and just a fun time to hang out and catch up with people. No pressure to do silly things, I didn't want all eyes on me all the time, and I just was excited to share small moments with everyone. It was great!

But of course... I could NOT have done it without my helpers. Mitchi and Stephanee my sisters-in-law who helped put together different stations we had and worked very hard during the shower. Carolyn, Monica, and Tobi who flew up to Vandyland to accompany on my drive home to Vegas AND who worked so hard during the shower. And my Mumsy who put together all the food and dessert and helped me out when I was all alone. I love my family and friends and I'm so happy for all they do for me!

SO! Here we go! There's lots of pictures. We decided to have the shower at the community center where our wedding was held. They still remembered us and were SO happy to have us use their space again. So here are two shots. One of the room when we used the inside part for our wedding and one from the shower. I love seeing them next to each other.
Wedding Room
Baby Shower Room
Then come the totally awesome dessert table. I fell in love with this table! It turned out Ahhh-MAZING!

My next favorite table, which was a VERY close second favorite. Was my little Welcome Table. We had the pictures I've been putting up here on there,  her name, the "Guest Book" which I didn't take a picture of. It was The Giving Tree and people signed on the inside. Then they filled out their "Hopes and Wishes" cards for the baby to read when she's older.

Whitnie's company and her handy work! She's awesome!
Hopes and Wishes cards!
 Then there were the tables. I found some pretty pink and orange flowers and despite the plastic covers.. it looked pretty cool. And all the candles made the room smell yummy.

 I didn't take a picture of the food... because it's food and not that interesting. Just sandwiches and salads. But the drinks were pretty; Pink Lemonade and Orange Crush. And the straws were awesome.
I even had to make the water bottles pretty!
We didn't play any games because they're lame. So we had a onesie decorating station where people were able to give our baby girl a little piece of them. We got so many different designs and people did such a great job! My baby has SO many onesies waiting for her. 
 Then there was little old me. I was NOT planning on wearing orange and pink. It just kinda happened. I found the dress on sale at Target and thought to myself "I don't think I would look extremely pregnant in that dress" So I got it and then wrapped a thick pink bow around it with some pretty pink shoes. I felt very comfortable and pretty.
Thanks to everyone who shared this event with me, and if you missed it; just know I missed you too! 


  1. Wow, what great fun you had.... sigh. And I see a name has been picked out, woo hoo. Sara Joellen goes nicely together. Tee-hee. You look wonderful, I so wish I could rub your belly in person. Sigh.

    Love you all,
    Auntie Jo

  2. It all looks so fun....sorry I missed out! Enjoy these last couple months and let your hubby pamper you! Love and hugs! Nellie Pie