Saturday, February 28, 2015

Thing Two

It has been quite the journey the past couple months. Trying to think of another girl name that we both like has been a challenge. There's so much more to consider with the second girl. We wanted something fun, but not too unique. Something sweet, yet spunky; and something that has a ring to it and can't be shortened.

There were many names that were in the running, but most of the ones that we were excited about became annoying after a few days. Jason, one night, decided we would just look at our world map during dinner and whatever he saw would be her name. Luckily his eyes didn't land on something ridiculous... it landed on something that made us both say "hmmm... interesting!"

So after more than a month of throwing the name around and saying it in a happy voice, an angry voice, and a silly voice, we decided it was a winner. Plus I already made her a name decoration, so now she's stuck with it.

We're still working on a middle name, but we thought it would be fun to reveal the first name of our little Thing 2...

1 comment:

  1. Jordyn Joellen Lawyer has a nice ring to it!! Ha. Love it. Love you,

    Auntie Jo