Wednesday, February 8, 2017

2 Weeks!

Today marks two weeks til the movers come and pack out our things! It's all getting so real! I go through moments of excitement, to anxiety, to sadness and then I just want it to be here already so we can just be done with it! Just a little recap of where we are in our life. We have tickets to fly out of here March 2! It'll be a long trip, but also the most bearable option that we had! ha We're shipping our car up there and staying in temporary housing before we fly out. When we get there we've been saving up for a minivan that we'll get pretty shortly after we get there! YAY! Then we plan on staying on base for at least the first year, just because the hospital is on base and I would feel better about being right there for the birth of Baby Girl #3!
This move has been different emotionally for me. Last time we moved, it was so hard leaving MY home! Leaving my family and my close friends was really hard. This time, it's been a struggle just because I feel like I've kind of already checkout out of this place. It's not a good mindset to be in. I feel like there are probably two different military wife/mom mindsets... the mom that checks out like me and the mom that takes every advantage of every last moment. Don't get me wrong, there are things that I will miss about this place. But I never thought I'd have that "itch" to get somewhere new and start over! I've been really praying and working on being content and productive in the place I'm at instead of spending all my time and efforts planning and thinking about the future. I was reading through the Proverbs for a bible study I'm doing and this Proverb stuck out to me: "Commit to the LORD whatever you do and He will establish your plans" 16:3. It's just a nice reminder to live my life for the Lord every day and try not to worry so much about planning because the Lord knows my future and will take care of us!

We've been checking things off the list as we await our last days here. One thing we did was make one last visit to Disneyland! It was awesome because my parents and my brother and his family came down to meet us too! It was a hard trip though knowing it would be the last time we saw all of them for who knows how long. :( But it was just so nice for the girls to be with their family. It's going to be the hardest part of all of this being SO far away. I try to convince my parents to just find jobs up there and come with us... haha Even though it's pretty unrealistic, but wouldn't it just be great!?

Sara talks about moving to Alaska ALL the time. Today, I had a plan to start packing up some of their toys, so that when we open it again in 2 weeks the toys will be exciting again. Sara looked at the bag with a confused face and asked me "Mommy, are we moving to Alaska.... orrrr Disneyland?" haha I guess you know you've been there too many times if your 3 year old is asking that. We talk all the time about how the packers are going to put all their things in a box, but for some reason maybe seeing the suitcase, she had a really hard time with knowing that she won't see her toys for probably a month!
Jason's Tech Sergeant promotion ceremony! Yay
The girls are growing up so fast. Sara likes to tell us that all the time too. A lot of the times when she's telling stories she starts off with "When I was Jordyn's age" or "When I was a baby". It's quite amusing. They are the best of friends, and the worst of friends. haha Typical sibling things. Jordyn has really taken off with her talking the past couple weeks. Although, I'm sure if any of you were here you would have no idea what she's saying! She's still a Mama's girl, we'll see what happens when the new baby comes! Yikes. But it's been so fun being able to watch them learn and explore together. The other day I laughed because we were at church playing with a handful of other kids and there's Sara and Jordyn just wanting to play together. Crazy girls.
Jordyn transitioned early to a Toddler bed before we move!
Sara's favorite thing in the world right now... Trolls
So there's our life in a nutshell at the moment. If you're reading this, we'd appreciate a quick prayer. Just for peace and contentment. Also, just a prayer to not get too stressed out about little things while we're in the process of moving. And prayers that the girls will transition to the new place easily.

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