Friday, February 24, 2017

How Things Have Changed!

The house is packed up, the goods are gone... now we wait!
The packing days went very smoothly! We had a good group of workers that worked so hard to get all of our things packed up efficiently and quickly. It was awesome. The first day was a little rough. We had planned that the girls and I would be gone during the process so we'd be out of the way. I guess I never thought Sara seeing the movers would effect her, but when they came in while she was playing I looked over at her and her face was just so sad. She was tearing up and trying so hard not to cry. When I ran over there to comfort her all she got out was, "I don't want them to pack up my Tsum Tsums!" It was so sad, but it was also hard not to chuckle about it. Poor girl. Eventually, she was totally fine with them being in our house and didn't seem to care about the house being completely empty. 
Jordyn on the other hand, was SO confused when she walked into the empty house. We hadn't been there since the day before when there were boxes everywhere. She came running into the house to do her normal things and just stopped and looked around. It was so sad! But we ran through the whole house and after a while she didn't care and was just having so much fun chasing everyone! 
Jordyn and her lazy mornings
Now is the hard part. We only have to clean up a little bit tomorrow morning, but then it's just a waiting period. I feel like we've done all the things we've wanted to do and now it's almost like we're just wasting time. haha 

All of this waiting around does make us think about our time here. 4 and a half years here doesn't seem like a long time, but looking back I can't believe how many life changing events have happened to us up here! We came here as a family of two and are leaving as a family of 5! I've done 3 years of teaching at an amazing school, with a lot of crazy drama there haha. Then, started this Stay-At-Home mom gig, which I have fallen in love with. I've started a new adventure with LuLaRoe. Made lots of new friends who have come and gone. Lost two babies and birthed two babies... with another on the way. 

It's a little sad to think that this is where the girls have grown up so far and we're leaving! This is what they know and what they're familiar with. I was thinking about how well Jordyn knows her way around our house and knows where everything is, and now we'll have to reteach her all of that. I think about all Sara has been able to experience here and how hard it's going to be for her since there's no Disneyland in Alaska. haha It makes me so sad to think that when people ask where they were born, this place probably won't mean much to them. They are officially "Military Brats" :( It's just so different from the way I grew up, so it's hard to relate to. But we'll figure it all out along the way. 
Using her imagination and some kitchen goods from our temp. housing to make Troll smoothies!
Anyway, this is our last blog from California! Stay tuned for more crazy adventures to come in Alaska! ahhhhh!

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  1. What an amazing journey ahead of you, just as Lompoc was a few years ago. Looking forward to hearing about all the blessings in store for your family. Looking forward to showing up on your Alaskan doorstep someday to be a part of that journey!!
    Love you one and all, Auntie Jo