Friday, November 27, 2009

And so it continues...

The other night Jason and I were in the mood for Chicken Ceasar Salad. They gave it to us with a heart shaped chicken! awwww And we had a dinner and movie night. That was the most relaxing night we've had together in a while. Most of the other nights have been busy with either school, work, wedding preparation, or family stuff. Don't get me wrong, it's been great, it's just nice to relax too!

Jason has been busy busy busy at work lately. They're preparing for an inspection this upcoming week. He'll be working 12 hour days next week! He's been taking on many extra responsibilities... most of which he shouldn't actually be doing, but I just keep telling him to take it as a compliment since they obviously know he'll do a really good job at whatever it is! :) Lately, he's been reading quite a bit. Mostly space and rocket books. Along with that, he's been working at memorizing bible verses with our college plus group leader. I'm fascinated by how fast he remembers things! Jason and I have also been teaching Sunday School for the 4th-6th graders! We're going through Genesis which Jason really enjoys teaching about!

This Wednesday was my last day before track break! The boys were surprisingly tame. I played Toy Story for them as a treat. My first evalutation was that day as well. I recieved good grades! :) The vice principal really likes me. So now I'm on break til January 4th! HORRAY!!! I'm so happy! Although, I will be at school 6 times during break to do some extra tutoring for some extra money! When I haven't been at work I'm trying to finish up my masters. Only 3 classes to go! Our thesis is due in 2 weeks, but once that's done, it should be smooth sailing! Other than that, it's just been taking care of family and helping Kevin out with teaching Youth Group for the time being!

This Thanksgiving weekend was very enjoyable! Yummy food and more family for Jason to meet. He was taken by surprise by my crazy Auntie Jo, but he loves it! hehe We took the opportunity of Black Friday to get our furniture set! We are very proud of our finding! It's made out of Cherry wood, we got a bed, nightstand, 2 dressers and a mirror! It was a door buster sale! Then we hung out at the Bellagio with Auntie Jo and Uncle TC and the Rents. The gardens there change about every month and the fountains never get old. It's really the only place on the strip I actually enjoy taking people to!

Since I have time off, LOTS of wedding planning will be getting done in the upcoming weeks! Tomorrow it's ring shopping and flower decisions! :)

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