Thursday, November 19, 2009

Let the final countdown being! One month?

Wedding update... well, there's a lot that has happened! 2 weeks ago was the bridal shower. By far, it was the best ever! hehe But really, I was so appreciative of all the church ladies who came and my close friends and family that were there. We had a lot of fun. There was a nacho fountain, yes you read right, a nacho fountain! We played a few games that were actually quite amusing. Among the support and love of family and friends, we have begun to receive the presents! yay! Things to start our house with! It's all so very exciting! Have I mentioned how awesome my bride'smaids have been? They're fantastic people to have around! What would I do without them?

This past weekend was surprisingly VERY eventful. Jason returned from Indiana, we hadn't seen each other for 10 days, but his trip was very productive. He even got a very nice compliment from one of his higher up bosses! I am very proud of him! He does his job quite well! He came home Saturday, the night where Mitchi, my brother Kevin's wife, went into the hospital. Quick recap, she has a miraculous pregnancy, and her water broke at 27 weeks. So we were in the hospital this weekend watching out for her. (She and baby Eveline are doing quite well, she's just on bed rest til the baby comes) Sunday we went to the air show. Jason educated me on all the jet and planes! It was incredible watching some of them fly up there! My favorites are still the bige airplanes, and the older one from the world wars!

Last night, we drove downtown to the Marriage Licensing place to apply for our marriage license of course! After driving around downtown and being somewhat lost... we finally found the place, stood in line, and showed someone our id. Simple, and well, DONE!

The reason for the month early license was because... wait for it, wait for it, we applied for Base Housing today! horray!!!! We had two choices. The house that we went to is an older house on base, that will be demolished in Aug or Sept. of 2010. So we'll move into it for the first months of our marriage and then they'll move us into the NEW base housing which is REALLY nice! We're both so excited! Although, now that I think about it, it's a little sad that our first house together will be destroyed!!!

That's pretty much it for now! More to come in the upcoming MONTH! Can you believe it's one month? Bizzare. The big details are out of the way! Now to start on the smaller details and initiating backup plans! Pray for us, and Kevin and Mitchi!

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