Monday, December 12, 2011



I have finally gathered up motivation to sit down and write an update from my point of view! There has been a lot of different things I've been learning over the past couple months.

1. It's okay to ask for help. I've had many stupid things go wrong in the house while Jason's been gone that I've had to deal with, so I've called the base family housing fixer people several times for various things. My oven broke... at the worst time too. There was a dead crow in my yard, which freaked me out and I was NOT about to touch it. Gross.

2. I need to keep extra batteries around the house for the smoke detector. I woke up at 4 in the morning TWO nights in a row because two different smoke detectors were beeping. Naturally, I just got fed up and took it all the way off the wall.

3. I now know how to change the air filter, turn on the grill, clean the grill, clean out my drains, change my own wind shield wipers, and I put up my own tree by myself and Christmas lights on the house by myself. This might sound silly, but it's an accomplishment to me.

4. I have learned, or re-learned, that I make myself entirely TOO busy!! School, work, church stuff, volunteering, and just trying to see people!

5. I think God thinks I'm strong with all that I've had to deal with and handle. Dealing with a difficult class this year (weird, and nasty personalities), dealing with Jason being gone, and on top of all that,
dealing with our recent news of moving! (Which is exciting... but scary).

6. Change makes me sad.

OH! and we got a new little precious piggy! Her name is Moo Moo and she is such a cute little pig fully of silly personality! :)
Moo Moo
Paper Jason and I 

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  1. I am mighty impressed with your new found talents!! Thanks for sharing. Sending lots o' love, Auntie Jo