Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hallowed be Your Name


I've been away from home a few days shy of three months now.  While most days are moving right along, some days are very slow, and now getting quite cold.  I almost forgot what the winter months feel like!  This past week I've been missing home, especially now were through Thanksgiving, and December is here full of special occasions.  Melissa and I will be celebrating our two year Anniversary on the 19th, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and well....New Years Eve is you count that.
This week I found myself listening to a comforting song, one that reminds me of Vegas, particularly worshiping at Spring Meadows Church with my pretty wife.  The song is by Phil Wickham, titled "Divine Romance."  I first heard this song performed at our church as Laif played it on his guitar while the offering baskets were passed around.  I asked Laif after the service that day if he had wrote the song, and he replied with a little smile and a chuckle, then followed with an "I wish!"  I absolutely love the words and harmony to the song, and I can't help but think of "Hallowed be Your Name" from the Lord's Prayer while I enjoy this escape in my ears.  Recently I finished a book on the Lord's Prayer where I read that by beginning your prayer with "Hallowed be Your Name" you are beginning with God and his desire to be glorified.  Simply put, we FIRST show love to God, and in RETURN he continues to bless us.  I believe the words to this song are just like when we pray "Hallowed be Your Name."  Some days are very frustrating for Melissa and I while I'm away from home, and some days are a little lonely even though I live with 33 other guys!  But praise God, glory to Him for all the family and friends I have at home in the States, and praise for all the friends I have here.  As Phil Wickham sings, "I rejoice in this divine romance, lift my heart and my hands, to show my love."
Enjoy the song, it's what I have enjoyed all week.

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