Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Four of Us

There are two questions that people have mostly been asking me lately... 
1. How are you? 
2. How is Sara adjusting to having the new baby around? 

1. I am doing surprisingly decent. 
  • I have come to the conclusion that going through childbirth naturally is the way to do it. It totally sucks, pain wise... However, I feel like I've bounced back so much faster than when Sara came through and ruined my body! Not only that, but there's this major sense of accomplishment I feel becuase I was able to push Jordyn out on my own AND without pain meds! This coming from a girl who ALWAYS said "Just knock me out and get the baby out!" I'm ALL about the pain meds...  and I don't know if I would do it again without them (If I actually had a choice this time. haha). I guess I'm kind of just really proud of myself. With Sara I just felt miserable and since they had to vacuum her out, I felt like I failed. 
  • Emotionally I feel so much better too. With Sara, I remember just crying EVERY day for weeks. Yes, I'm tired and I get frustrated when Jordyn has her moments. But the fact is, Sara is still somewhat a baby and I guess I'm still in that frame of mind, so it's been a little "easier". We've been getting out of the house a lot, joining the world around us, and doing lots of fun things even if it kills us. haha 
  • We feel like going from 0-1 child was a lot harder than 1-2 children. But Jason has been home a lot and we've had him around a lot. I haven't been alone with both girls really at all! So perhaps in about a month, I'll be like "What were we thinking?!?!"Plus, Jordyn sleeps a lot, and there are many times when they're both sleeping at the same time. One thing that been really hard to adjust to is giving them both the attention I want to. I have to feed Jordyn ALL the time! And one time Sara whacked Jordyn with her cup on accident and Jordyn immediately started to scream. It scared Sara and she started to kind of check out. I was trying to calm the baby down, and for a couple seconds wasn't even thinking of Sara, then when I realized she was really scared and zoned out it was hard to get to her to give her comfort. But we've been working on making sure Mama and Sara get time together alone. 
2. Sara is handling this pretty well for the most part. 
  • We'll start with the negatives. One thing I've seen change is that she's become more possessive than she use to be. She gets grumpy and whines "MIIIIIINNE" way more than usual. So, we're working on that. Sara also does NOT like it when Jordyn cries, especially if she knows it's from something she did. She shuts herself off and tends to run away until she stops. Poor girl. She also doesn't like to hold her. She'll be around her, and ask to hold her, but as soon as you put her on her lap she just chants "No! No! No!" It's actually pretty funny.
  • There are MORE positives than negatives. She loves to know where the baby is. She'll run over to where she's sleeping and peak over just to make sure she's there. Sara loves to help out. She'll get me diapers for Jordyn, she'll bring her her pacifier and blankets... it's so sweet. She loves to pat her and hug and kiss her. When I start to burp her, she runs over and pats her on the back. Sara is really such a sweet and protective sister. Today, I couldn't find Jordyn's missing sock, and soon after she ran in with it (yelling "SOCK! SOCK!) and started attempting to put it back on Jordyn's foot. It was so cute!!!! I love watching them. 
Jason is a part of this family too! It's kinda funny that people don't normally ask about him. It's kinda funny becuase I was reliving giving birth in my head and I was telling Jason that I don't even remember him being there. I remember holding his hand, and I remember him cutting the cord, but I really don't remember him while I was first holding Jordyn or when they were taking me to our room. But Jason is a fantastic man.  I couldn't have asked for a better husband and father for my children. Today even, he took over making dinner when Jordyn started going crazy and I had to feed her. I told him I had no idea how I would survive if he was gone right now! He gets about the same amount of sleep I do, and he still picks up the slack when I can't do things. Like I said, he's had a lot of time off, so when he does go back to work I know things will change, but it's been such a blessing having him here.

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