Saturday, November 5, 2011

Just the Two of Us


"Song of the week for you to seek" 

While deployed I will be posting my favorite song of the week in order to challenge you to check it out-whether it is YouTube, iTunes, or good 'ol fashion Compact Disc.  At night I listen to my iPod before I drift off, and there always seems to be a favorite song I want to share with others.  It could be a little look on what's going through my head at the time, or how I'm feeling about the week, or experiences.
My pick for this week for you to seek, "Children of God" by Third Day.  A true song of PRAISE to God that we have been seeked out.  Third Day was introduced to me by my sister as her favorite group years ago, then she shared with her husband Ryan years later-which he is now in eternal worship with the Lord.  Last Christmas my wife bought the Third Day Move album for me (which includes this song), and not until this week have I enjoyed this song so much.  I feel so blessed to be able to sing (in my head for now-I don't sing real well) and understand the words in this song. 
2 Corinthians 5:17 "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation.  The old has passed away; behold, the new has come."  As Christians we are a new creation as a child of God.  We seek to worship and obey Him.  Sadly we still sin and rebel against our Father as christians do, but PRAISE to Jesus Christ for coming with his forgiving LOVE and GIVING us eternal life.
Enjoy the song, its what I have enjoyed all week ;)


Finally, the weekend. The weather dropped to the lower 60s this week, last week it was in the high 80s... so naturally, the kids in the school go crazy of course! So I am VERY thankful for the weekend!! School is going alright this year, it's starting to finally feel like my class. I'm finally getting my old kids out of my head and really enjoying this class. It took a long time, I feel, but at least I'm finally at that place. The next couple weeks are weird, we have two 3 day weeks and then soon after is Christmas Break!!! Horray! I'm doing tutoring after school with a group of 14 kids. I have to stay til 5:30... but it's beginning to be bearable and quite fun! 

I've made myself busy, sometimes I think I'm killing myself with business! I've been doing a lot with our church, teaching, fellowship groups, youth group, community group! Phew.... there's a lot! We did some pumpkin carving with the youth group kids. It was a lot of fun. I got really into the World Series this year, so did our piggies. ;) Last weekend, some friends and I went to Utah for a quick camping trip. It was cold... I don't like camping when it's cold. But my best friend Hannah was in town from Tennessee. 

Today, I got to talk to Jason on the phone for a good half hour which was a treat. We only get to talk like once a week on the phone. We got to talking about Christmas and Hallmark ornaments. Turns out, they went on sale today, so we were texting back and forth and I was sending him pictures. For the past two years we've just got one ornament that is meaningful to our year as a family. This year, we figured, since we're away, we'd get two. So Jason got "Prep for Landing" since he's working hard on a runway and I got "World Class Teacher" since I'm stuck in Vegas working. Then we got a star to go on the top of the tree, just because it's really really pretty! 

So that's my little update from Vegas, I figured I'd write one, since Jason did last time. Hope all is well! 

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