Friday, November 25, 2011

Not What My Hands Have Done


This weeks song is an old Hymn originally written by Horatius Bonar, first published in 1861, titled "Not What My Hands Have Done."  However, the version I have been listening to this week is performed by "Indelible Grace," again thanks to my wife for introducing this band to me!  I really love the words to the hymn, and Indelible Grace put a nice rock/folk touch in their work.
Obviously while working on a construction project here in Kuwait we all use our hands a lot!  Constructing takes a long time...especially when your contracted concrete plant is broke down for three days in one week...true story.  Besides the concrete plant, which is out of our control, we use our hands on our tools, instruments, and equipment all day.  We use our hands to work a shovel on the base course for the final correct elevation before the concrete form is placed down.  We use our hands to move the concrete form in place, double check for correct elevation, then either hammer it down with a sledge hammer or a pneumatic hammer.  We use our hands on tools to move poured concrete into the formed area for a concrete pad, and then give the top a smooth finish with a trowel.  We all have a different role in this construction project, but at the end of the day we all can look back to see what our hands have done.  It's pretty satisfying.
However, what is so amazing about this song is that it is talking about "NOT" what our hands have done.  It is from the hands of Jesus that our guilty souls are saved.  It is from the hands of Jesus that give us peace with God.  It is because of Jesus that we sing "I live because He lives!"  Early this week I finished reading through the gospel of Luke, and the more I read of the crucifixion of Christ the more I am amazed.  I challenge you to read Luke 23:39-43 before you listen to this song.  We can all relate to the second criminal that was crucified at the side of Jesus.  The criminal is like each and every one of us sinners, whatever that sin may be.  Just like the criminal, we believe in Jesus as the Son of God, and His purpose as our Savior from our sins.  While nailed to the cross, Jesus is asked by the criminal to remember him once into the Kingdom of God.  It is the response of Jesus to the second criminal that confirms, "not what MY hands have done."
Enjoy the song, it's what I have enjoyed all week.

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