Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Post from Kuwait!

It's the first of November, which marks one month for being in Kuwait!  Sadly, it's hard to believe its been ONLY a month, but we all feel nice and settled into our temporary home and family.  Work has been a bit slow at times, but will be picking up real fast next week.  We have completed section I and II of seven total sections of concrete, which will be nearly a half mile when complete.  Tomorrow we are paving asphalt for the parking apron shoulder, which makes for a nice change from sloppy concrete.  Some of our work is already being used by some Army medic choppers.  Our chow hall is pretty good, and its always a surprise as for what is to eat for the day.  I do miss being able to cook, or go out to eat at your choice though!  On down time I enjoy movies, playing wii sports-yep we have one, reading, and listening to music.  Lately music and reading have been my favorite, its funny that the simple things are what I enjoy the most!
The army medics using our new parking apron
Last week, a day after the final crete pour.
Our deployment uniform
My materials testing lab in a tent
After work yesterday a small group of us watched a Halloween movie to celebrate the holiday.  Hanging out with some of the guys like that reminded me of my college days, being with roommates and watching a movie.  As guys we don't always have something worth while to say, but we do enjoy being around each others most of the time-so movies are great for that.  While laying in my lil bed before I fell asleep I was listening to some music on my iPod when I heard something slapping at the top of our tent.  The slapping turned into what was a steady fall of rain, finally!!!  It only lasted for about 3 minutes, but it was so welcoming I took off my headphones to enjoy the sounds.  Rain sounds a lot like little drumbeats as they bounce of the top of a tent.  So far life is not bad, considering as much as I do miss Melissa and our comfy home.  I feel safe and content over here while doing our work, even though it really isn't that different from work at home.  Thank you all for reading and keeping Melissa and I in your thoughts and prayers. 

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