Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Baby Girl

Now that the secret is out... here's the story behind the journey!

Originally, I think Jason and I both kinda assumed the baby was going to be a boy. I think I did because I have two older brothers and just thought it would happen like that for me. And Jason did because... he's a boy too! So we were a little surprised to find out it was a little girl! But we are both very excited about it too!

So the story starts with Whitnie Selby who is the owner of My Baby Bump Imaging AND one of my good friends! We've been talking about this moment since she first became an ultrasound tech and it's so great that we finally got to do that! I am SO glad that we waited until we were home in Vegas because Whitnie made the whole experience so much happier! Her office was so comfortable and we were watching on a 110" screen! It was awesome! She was also really good at pointing things out and telling us what we were looking at. Plus she was just SO happy! Which made us more excited. So much fun!
Whit and I
It's a girl!
Our little monkey. This is my favorite picture.
 So, Whitnie gave us a DVD and after weeks of figuring out how we wanted to tell our families, we decided to play the DVD for them and it says midway through "It's a Girl!". So Jason's family was first. Unfortunately, the video doesn't work on my bloggy blog blog. But here's a still shot.

Then it was on to Vegas. We made a little bit more of a big deal for them becuase we made them wait till we came home from Ohio. But it was so important for us to tell them all in person! Being in Cali all alone makes it hard to share news in fun ways. So we were thrilled that we would get to share this part of the pregnancy with them in person. So we first made them all chose pink or blue.
So we played the video for them. And then when my extended family came, we held up a blue and pink balloon and Jason popped the blue one. Surprise! Everyone was excited! We'll now have FIVE little girls running around in the Vegas bunch!
So excited!
And of course... we told the virtual world by using our piggies! I know I'm crazy; you don't have to tell me twice! But it was SO cute! hehe. And they all seemed to look over towards the direction of the ultrasound picture and it just worked perfectly.
Jason and I also had fun finding cute little baby outfits from our colleges! It's so much fun.
 Last but not least... we discovered that the little girl takes after daddy. It makes me giggle! haha We can't wait to meet her and we're just praying for a safe and healthy rest of the pregnancy. So if you think of us, pray for the little monkey girl growing up in the belly. :)


  1. This was my favorite post, and that UNLV onesie is my favorite item of clothing! Thanks for posting the pictures!

  2. Ill get you a Bangor Maine onesie with a Lobstah on it

  3. How exciting, Melissa and Jason. We are keeping you in our prayers. Miss you much!!! -Paul, Christina and Myles

  4. You are so in my prayers today and always! Can't wait to meet her in person...after her due date (of course)! Thanks for sharing! I loved every second of it!
    ♥ Kel

  5. Wonderful blog post! Your friend Whit did a very great job. Sometimes doing a sonogram can be very tricky for an ultrasound technician, because the baby isn't that kind of "cooperative." But I'm glad yours was perfect. By the way, are those hamsters or guinea pigs?