Sunday, June 30, 2013

June is over... that means the first day of school is closer...

It was great seeing our families, but it's also been nice being home. Not to mention being away from 117 degree weather this week! Bleh! I've been enjoying my week off! I forget sometimes how nice it is just to rest and do things I enjoy! OR enjoy cleaning and organizing the house while I have energy! Jason has been getting into the swing of things; he was kinda forced too. But this upcoming week he'll have the Fourth of July off and that next Friday, so he's happy about that.

Together we've done quite a bit this week. Most of it has to do with the baby... I still can't believe we're about to cross over into this next stage of life. We first decided we needed to tackle the registry. It was stressful and it's still not complete. It started out fun with the laser shooter and we thought we were off to a great start when we got to our first item, the crib. But then we went on to the strollers where we spent about 20 minutes playing with them, pushing them, taking them apart and putting them back together. One was really frustrating. We knew we wouldn't get that particular one becuase it was so ridiculous; but we just HAD to figure it out. From there it was kind of just all stressful. Bottom line is I didn't really like Babies R Us all too much and I think I'm going to go register at Target as well!
 This week we also went to a Baby Expo on base. First off, it was nice to do something on base and feel like we were a part of something. Second, it was good information and our minds were sparked with some new ideas. My personal favorite part was watching Jason put on the empathy belly and do things like sitting, bending over, and laying down! It was good for him to have somewhat of a feel for what we go through. Then I got some information on cloth diapers! Never did I ever think I would even have a second thought about it, but seeing them and the practicality of it... we really are weighing our options now! But it's something to think about since we'll have to do day care too.
Our babies! hehe
 We haven't done much with the baby room. Just started moving things out of that room and figuring out where everything will go. But when we were pregnant the first time, we came across a pack and play for REALLY cheap! As in... on sale, hopefully it's not cheap quality. We decided to put that together to see how we did. It started off as my project... then turned into Jason's! But it worked. :) Now to take it apart...
 The week ended with our FIRST warm day on Wall Beach which is on base. So we took out a blanket and soaked up the sun for about an hour. Just listening to the waves and enjoying life!

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