Friday, June 21, 2013

The Wedding

Their story just had to be shared. Last week we had the honor of being a part of the wedding of Jason's sister, Jama, and her now husband, Kar. For those of you who are unaware of the situation, Jama suddenly lost her husband back in October of 2010. It was a really sad time for the family but Jama's faith through it all was just such an inspiration. Since then, we were hoping she would be able to find someone again and luckily at the end of last year she did! She met Kar Singh. Kar had lost his wife and has two kids of his own. Makenna who is 11 and Carson who is 7. Over time they realized there was something special there between them and the rest is history. They got engaged and then in three months they sold both of their houses, started in a new place, and planned a wedding in their soon to be new backyard together. So here is their wedding story:
Ryan Overfield and Kelly Singh  

The first part of their wedding was precious and very sweet. They had a reflection time before the wedding even began. Ryan's father read a letter Jama and Kar had put together honoring Ryan and Kelly, and thanking them for being the people they were. And that even though they were starting a new family together, their memory and values would always be remembered.
Kar and Carson
The wedding itself was also just very heartwarming and beautiful. All four kids were part of the wedding party. Kaylee is now 7 and Julianne is 4. The boys were stud muffins and the girls looked like princesses! One of my favorite parts was Julianne running down the aisle towards Kar. He picked her up and gave her a kiss. It just shows how much love there is and it was SO sweet. Jama and Kar gave the usual wedding vows and then they wrote their own vows to each others kids. They told them how much they loved them and that they weren't there to replace their mom and dad but that they would always be there for them. Then they had some matching necklaces made that said "Family Forever" and gave those to each kid. This part was the tear jerker for me. For the last couple years we have always been so sad that the girls wouldn't have a father figure in their lives and we just prayed that that would be filled. And when we listened to what Kar was telling the girls about being there for them, it just showed so much love and was an answer to prayer.
Then they filled up their jar of sand. Ryan's parents poured in white sand and Kelly's parents poured in blue sand before the ceremony. Then each child took turns pouring theirs in and Jama and Kar finished "mixing" the families together. It was a beautiful image.
We could not be happier for Jama and Kar! And we are so happy to have them all in our family now! PLUS... now we get a nephew! YAY. So for those of you who did know about Jama's story, thanks for your prayers along the way and I hope their story shows God's love to you and shows that even through the pain in the world, His love, comfort, grace, and hope conquers all things.

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  1. Thank you for sharing! What an awesome display of God's providence! Incredible story. ~Chimaine*