Sunday, June 9, 2013

Out and About

 The one good thing about living here at Vandenberg is being able to find new places to explore. Honestly, it's one of the only things that sometimes makes me happy that we live here. Most of the time, I just miss my family and friends back in Vegas. BUT anyway... here's a little taste of some fun and exciting things we've gotten into this month!

Jason turned 30 on the 27th! So I put together a "cake" of his favorite dessert item at the moment: Push Ups. 30 of them! He's still working on them, but is already about half way through. He was a little bummed about turning the big Three-Zero... so I put together a little box of "Things to him hold on to the child inside of him." At least for the time being... then he has to grow up and put on his big boy pants for when we have the baby! ;)
Also for his birthday, we found a new hiking trail just off the coast called "The Wind Caves". Up here at Vandenberg, it can be a little chilly and gloomy... so we weren't prepared to be hiking in the sun and heat. So needless to say... I almost died. Hiking when you're pregnant is NOT the same as hiking when you're not! It was a lot harder than I expected and we didn't even make it all the way UP to the Wind Caves. We did find this cave though; and boy was it a life saver! I plopped right down on the rocks and it was cool enough to bring my temperature down! We sat there for a good thirty minutes. Long, and quiet, enough to make some new animal friends. I know you shouldn't feed wild animals, but it was hard not too. This blue bird would get really close to us, just for a pretzel! Then we were quiet enough that a little mouse came out of his hiding place to find some food too. It was pretty fun! 

Mouse friend
The view from the top of the hill we had to climb!
 We have recently been trying very hard to find new restaurants to go to instead of just the same old ones we know are good. So we used Jason's birthday as an excuse for going to one. Sadly, his birthday fell on Memorial Day this year and our little towns here seem to close their doors in observation of this holiday! So...... we ended up going to a restaurant we've been to before that's delicious. It just makes us laugh; we don't get frustrated anymore because we have finally got it in our heads that we're not in Vegas anymore and these small towns are different than our 24 hour big city! And boy do we miss our big city and all the yummy food it has to offer!
 The following weekend we took a journey to the Santa Barbara Zoo. It's a small zoo, but it was nice. We were very excited to see the new baby giraffes there. They were born in April and they're SO cute! They were our favorites. Plus the little ones were full of energy and we stood there watching them for like 10 minutes because one of them was scared of this bird that kept pestering him! He would walk up to it and the bird would scare him so he would take off prancing, or running.. galloping? in the other direction! It was amusing.
This just looked like a photo op waiting to happen!
 Other than that; school is out for the summer! It was a bittersweet day. It always seems to creep up on me that I'm saying good bye to them for the last time even though I can't wait for it to be summer! It was a long, rough year for me this year. I'm happy to say that I'll be moving to 5th grade next year. My head is still on school mode and I should probably take advantage of that considering I won't want to come August. I do plan on finishing up another year here, and I'm sure I'll really enjoy my maternity leave. I just feel like that's what is right for me in the now; and next summer we'll re-evaluate everything.

Tuesday we're taking off to Vegas. We'll be dropping off the piggy girls at my parent's house and flying out to Ohio the next morning. Jason is VERY excited about vacation. He's been working so hard lately that he really deserves it.

So when you read this, think of us and say a prayer. It's been a struggle here without things and people we're use to and we often talk about moving back home. We just need some direction of what to do from here. There's not much opportunity at our church here as in Vegas for fellowship, ministry, and outreach, so I think sometimes we both just feel stuck, or useless. I write these blogs to keep in touch because we miss everyone so much. So thanks for being interested in what we have to say. :)

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