Monday, September 2, 2013

Good Bye August!

School has begun again and boy is it exhausting! I have a fabulous group of 5th graders and a fantastic co-worker to go with it. So the start of the year has been great. Today, we had our Labor Day day off which I must say was great because I have needed an extra day to recuperate. I'm hoping to make it to November without having to stop working so that I can save up my days off for after Sara comes, just in case she needs her mommy! But here's kinda a before/after shot of my class. 
 My class was also fortunate enough to watch the rocket launch from Vandenberg AFB last week! They were sending up some sort of satellite. It was just really cool because the whole school stopped what we were doing and sat out on the front lawn to watch it! The kids loved it!
Jason has been hard at work this month too! His job keeps him very busy and he's been sending a lot of different airmen to many different places for trainings and deployments. So his days have been long and extremely busy seeing as he is needed by a lot of different people. I am very proud of the hard work he does because he does it so well and many people give him good compliments for all he does for them. :) The one day this month, someone hit an electrical line which caused the alarm in their armory to become disarmed. So people from his shop had to take shift guarding all the guns. This is Jason hard at work: 
 This labor day weekend was one of the hottest weekends since we've been here! Which was not very good for my poor preggo body, but we went to the beach and it was actually like we were on a California beach with the sun shining! Kyle and Stephanee came into town and it was Brillo's first time on the beach. It was very relaxing!
 While my brother and sister-in-law were in town, we had to go to the yummy flatbread place out here. Not only is it delicious, but it's just a cool place to take people. They have their own garden out to the side and there were some beautiful flowers. And they have twinkle lights outside, so we decided to capture the moment.
 We also found a fun place where you could pick your own apples!! Golden Delicious were the ripe ones right now and it was really fun! We were only there for maybe 15 minutes because it was so hot... but it was just a place we all weren't use to having around, it was the first time for all of us, and it was just a neat experience. I took a lot of pictures, because it was just such a different experiences! AND I can show little Sara what mommy did while she was cooking!

 It was so nice having family around for even just a weekend. My body just got tired a lot and made it hard to get through the full day without passing out. It's sad to see them go. :(


  1. Good stuff and great fun, and wow, are you pregnant or what?! You are looking good, as is that husband of yours. Great photos too, love the one of the apple hanging from the tree. Nice work on the classroom, enjoy those kids.

    Auntie Jo