Saturday, September 21, 2013

Betty and Piper

 Jason had his truck before we met, and I know he has more memories in it then I do, but last week we sold her (for a great price I should add) and bought a new car to accommodate for the new addition to our family. We were really excited about getting a new car, but we (mostly Jason), couldn't make up our mind on which car to sale. One day a couple weeks ago we got another letter from GMC telling us they wanted to buy our truck and we decided just to see how much we could get. And the rest is history.

But once we turned in the keys and took one last sweep of Betty the Truck, it hit me what we were giving away. Jason picked me up in that truck for our first date. We sat in it talking for hours that night. We drove up to Red Rock in that truck and Jason proposed to me and I said, "YES". My brother's decorated that truck in glow sticks and we drove off into the night after our wedding. We've been to so many places with that truck and have so many fun memories in Vegas and now in California. But we said goodbye.

 And now we have Piper our new Pilot! After a lot of thought and research, this is the car that we decided on! It's awesome. It doesn't look too big from the outside, but when you look inside it seems very roomy! And even though I stupidly left the light on inside one of the first nights we had it (because I was so excited about programing phone numbers into the car), and it died the next day... we still LOVE it! So come and visit us, because we can fit both you AND our little Sara inside very comfy! ^_^

The head rests remind us of Star Wars Droids! haha

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